How to create the website free of charge in Ukraine

How to create the website free of charge in Ukraine

Presently Internet it not only means of communication, communications, but also necessary condition of successful business. The mass of web pages appears every day, they are created by both the organizations, and regular users. To make the simple website, are not necessary language skills of programming and other difficulties. There are many resources giving the chance to make the website with the minimum expenses of time and efforts.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - browser.


1. Create an empty sample for the website with a minimum of visual design and without text. Register to make the website, on a free hosting, for example, of In the login field enter value by which you will be determined by a system. The login should be more than 4 characters and consist of Latin letters and digits. In the e-mail field enter your mailbox - office messages, passwords will come to it. Several times check whether correctly you entered the address. Check the Give Me the Blog (Website) field. Click "Further". In the Domain field enter a name (future address) of your website. Well consider it. The name of the domain should contain not less than four Latin characters. In the Website Heading field enter the name of your future website. It can be changed. In the option "Privacy" it is possible to hide the website from search engines. Further click "Register".

2. Follow the link which will come to your mail to make the website free of charge in Ukraine. Come into the administration panel, into the section "Appearance". Select a website theme. Further in the section "Widgets" add a widget "The main menu" and "Navigation". Create a widget of "Page". Pass into the section "Records", add on one to each heading. Pass into the section "Pages", click "Change" on the about page. Here change the name of the page, add the necessary text in a text box and click "Update". Further add the new page, issue it similarly. Fill thus the website with information.

3. Pass into the section "Appearance". For change of a subject select interesting, click "Activate". Pass into the section "Widgets". They help to be guided better on the website. For example, "Search" gives the chance to find the necessary information. Select and activate the necessary widgets for the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team