How to send cards from the search websites

How to send cards from the search websites

Search and mail Internet services give to the users an opportunity to send together with the letter and greeting cards, which in base of a resource several dozen to each case of life.

Cards for all

One of sections of the majority of the search websites is the Cards point. Everyone can use it. And this service is very demanded because sending greeting cards by means of mail resources is carried out free of charge. And this indicator too quite often is an important factor. It is possible to send cards on Yandex, "Mail" and other mail services.

If you are a user of a mail resource of Yandex, for sending a card the friend or the colleague at first needs to come into the mail, previously having specified the login and the password and to select the Write item for creation of the new letter. On the following page fill fields to "Whom", having specified the e-mail address of the recipient. Attentively look at a top panel of tools and find the button with the inscription "Card". Press this button then at the end of the letter the additional panel in which options of the cards which are available in base of service will be provided will open. You will only need to select appropriate section, having noted one of keywords: "I congratulate", "Write to me", "I love", "Thanks", "Others" and to add the most suitable picture. Bring the cursor to the text of a card and if it is required, add the text. If desired you can include additional files in the letter for what it is required to use the Attach the File button. Click it and specify the location of the document in a new window and place in the letter. If you want to know for sure whether the addressee received your message, click in the lower right corner "Notify on receiving".


Similarly also service of cards works at "Майл.ру": you pass into the section of cards, you select necessary, you specify the recipient and you enter information on time of sending and the data. Also the search service with cards "Cards works. Майл.ру" which though is currently closed, but gives an opportunity from the homepage to pass at once into the section of cards on social networks "Odnoklassniki", "Moy mir" and in own e-mail to "Майл.ру". For a login to the account press the corresponding button and start the choice of the picture.

Virtual cards in network

In network there are many websites devoted to virtual cards. Among them there is Kards.Qip, Gifzona, Otkritka and many others. For example, Kards.Qip suggests to use popular cards or to select the card corresponding to a specific occasion. For this purpose find the panel in which it is necessary to fill the fields "Select an Occasion", "Select that", "Select a Coma" in the center of the page, and click "Find a Card". After that in the section of pictures select the pleasant image. Wait until the picture is loaded then click "Send a Card". On the following page fill the fields "Source Address", "Destination address", "Receiving Time", "Name of the Sender", "Name of the Recipient". Here you can make corresponding changes to the message, having added a background, an ornament, card heading, the text of a congratulation, placement of the image in the text, font size. When issue a card, click "Send". Before sending the letter check opposite to the Report about Viewing a Card point.

The website Otkritka also suggests to use ready templates of cards. Select one of options, open the picture on the new page and you enter information, necessary for sending: destination address and source address, text of the message, heading, name of the recipient, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team