Overview of Assassins Creed Unity

Overview of Assassins Creed Unity

There passed only a year with a small tail from the moment of an output of a piracy action from the 3rd person Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, and the Ubisoft company already released a new part of the AC series. In this overview it will be a question of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Let in this part there are also no sea battles, captures of enemy forts, immersions behind treasures in the sea depths teeming with sharks and other piracy entertainments, but Unity is noteworthy admirers of a series in particular and extremely topical actions in general.

Optimization of a game leaves much to be desired, it is possible to speak about bugs and shrinkages of FPS long, however graphics nevertheless at height, animation, work with light, detailing of the game world by places just bewitch. So if not to pay special attention to bad optimization, this product can very enjoy.

See Paris and revenge …

Events of a game are deployed in Paris the 18-19th centuries, call the main character Arnaud Dorian. The plot first develops is quite banal – murder of the loved one, thirst of revenge. However the farther, the story line becomes more interesting.

As for game open spaces, Paris is, of course, not the seas oceans which are plowed by Edward Kenuey, however to the player will where clear up as scale as developers, 1:1, but not reduced assure, as in the previous games of a series. The city turned out very atmospheric and much more live, than in the previous parts.

Back in the future

In Unity the place of periodic game inserts for Dezmond Miles or other characters in real time was occupied by so-called breaks. The main character periodically for a short time gets to Paris of different times. It is quite interesting and fresh – what is only stood by Paris of 1944 occupied by Nazis. The story line is quite rich with tasks, but also collateral missions and also additional content so many that it is possible to play long, even without undertaking the main tasks.

Instead of the tasks connected with shadowing various villains in Unity you execute so-called Parisian stories - it is the third-party tasks based on real events. Each new "history" is not similar not previous. Besides, you should investigate murders, to improve the den which is in Teatr cafe, to solve famous Nostradamus's riddles and to pump over the character. By the way, specialists from Ubisoft approached a prokachivaniye of the main character more than seriously. For different murders give special glasses by means of which you can increase the skills of an assasin, and for execution of large tasks award you with other "currency" which serves for discovery of new skills.

Meet on clothes

In a game there are a lot of regimentals of different appearance and with different properties. Weapon is divided into three views: fast one-handed, drevkovy and lethal two-handled. It is possible to get arms different paths: in shops, for execution of tasks, some samples are available practically at once, but they are too expensive. Develop Teatr cafe as far as possible and regularly collect from it a tribute to catch powerful weapon without insertion in a game of real money.

Fighting system

At last, It is necessary to tell a couple of words about a fighting system. At first sight it not very much changed, however if in the same Black Flag it was possible to finish without special work with 5 and even 10 opponents, then even 2-3 soldiers can send your hero to forefathers to Unity. Now it is necessary to select carefully the correct moments for blow, parrying, counterattack. And more attention, than in her predecessors is paid to reserve in this part of a series.


Despite explicit crudity of Assassin's Creed Unity, it is worth playing it at least to enjoy the huge detailed Paris and its most beautiful landscapes. And of course, you should not forget about breaks and a big variety of the main and additional tasks is undoubted plus of a game last at the moment in the AC series too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team