"Where to find an exoskeleton in a game ""the Stalker: shadow of Chernobyl"""

"Where to find an exoskeleton in a game ""the Stalker: shadow of Chernobyl"""

Passing "S.T.A.L.K.E.R: The shadow of Chernobyl" becomes more interesting with each new found subject in a game. Only having replaced a sawn-off shotgun with a fowling piece, you begin to understand its advantages in a skirmish with herd of boars or family of bloodsuckers. Only having changed clothes in the SOWING suit, it is possible to execute quests in such places where it is impossible to get in a gangster jacket. Only having caught an exoskeleton, it is possible to become the person tank, but tanks have weaknesses too.

In all official parts of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, the exoskeleton is the armor, most resistant to the physical attacks. Under the terms of a game, it is a metal external skeleton with electric and hydraulic servo actuators. The design puts on on the stalker's body, repeats and strengthens its movements. On a plot, rare copies of armor appeared in an exclusion zone efforts of unknown underground Ukrainian handymen. When passing the official version of a game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R: A shadow of Chernobyl" only a small amount of points where it is possible to receive such suit is provided to the main character.

Characteristic from the description in a game: "Experimental sample of a military exoskeleton. Did not get to mass production, in a type of extreme high cost and some errors in design."

Where to find an exoskeleton

In the version of game 1.0004 it is possible to buy protection from the Bartender in a location of "Bars" above. It is necessary to look on him after the correct end of a task in "H-16 Laboratory". Armor cost - 200,000 game coins. It is necessary to knock together such sum in the conditions of "Zone" long. In the version of a game not lower than 1.0006 exoskeleton can be bought from svobodovets of the Miser in a location "Army warehouses". Is available for sale after successful execution of a task from Lukash on destruction of group of the Skull. The price of exoskeletons at the Miser too 200,000 coins. If to perform tasks on Pavlik's extermination with Ara, to protection of "Barrier" and the introduction in "Freedom", then the price will fall up to 150,000 coins. "Habar Klyka" is in the stalker's grave by the name of the Canine, in the center of a location Pripyat, about a monument to V.I. Lenin. After cleaning of the street with group of stalkers it is necessary to pass towards electro-anomalies, without going down to the underground passage. The place in which the exoskeleton with the pumped-over version of the device of night vision of PNB-4U3 is hidden, is noted by a sepulchral cross. Stalkers near the car where measurements on the instructions of scientists, in a location "Amber" are executed give coordinates of a hiding place. Sometimes coordinates can be learned during the search of the dead man in vaults under | "H-16 Laboratory". In a location of CNPP. In "Sarcophagus" one of corridors has a branch at the end of which there are two members of the Monolith grouping armed with shot-guns. After their elimination it is necessary to turn on the left and to search the room with pipes. Are a box with useful things, artifacts and an exoskeleton in it. In a location of CNPP, behind the door with the coded lock. The decoder from a door on the CNPP is hidden in a location Pripyat on the second floor of hotel. Hiding place coordinates with the decoder will appear in the CPC after blasting the main character on an extension and a conversation with the Doctor. The hotel costs opposite to the underpass, after kindergarten. In a location of CNPP, right after descent in the Sarcophagus, there is a winding corridor in which the room will meet a grid at the left. It is necessary to go by this room, until the end of a corridor where one more room is located. If to come into it and to go down to the basement, then it is possible to find an exoskeleton in a box there. Behind the CNPP building, under a pipe. Somewhere for one hundred meters to a true ending of a game where the main character shoots "O-consciousness" and fills up on a meadow. From the very beginning of history it is necessary to find a way of fight against "Zone", using simpler equipment. Developers of a game give the chance to find good weapon and an exoskeleton only is closer to the middle of a plot to shade game process by survival realism.

Pluses and minuses of an exoskeleton

Due to use of unique protective materials, hydraulic and electric servo actuators, the exoskeleton in "the Shadow of Chernobyl" had opportunities of a walking tank. According to the description, an exoskeleton in a game "the Stalker: The shadow of Chernobyl" has the following properties: - protection against burns: 50%; - Protection against an electroshock: 50%; - Protection against blows: 90%; - Protection against gaps: 80%; - Protection against radiation: 30%; - Protection against chemical burns: 50%; - Protection against explosions: 80%; - Protection against bullets: 60%; Its weight: 15 kg. The main destination of an exoskeleton, is protection against bullets, splinters, blows and gaps. These properties are good for reflection of the attacks of "Monolith" on "Barrier" or bandits on the camp of stalkers, for hunting for snarks or bloodsuckers. Completely modified exoskeleton in a game is capable to maintain single hit of a shot from RPG and five shots from a shot-gun. It is not suitable for search of artifacts, passing of the territory with a large amount of anomalies and a high radiation background. The main trouble of an exoskeleton, is its low-mobility. In this armor it is impossible to run that becomes a headache of the player in abnormal zones. At hit in anomaly "Funnel" or "Springboard" it is possible to reboot safely a game from the last save point because to be selected it will not turn out. At hit under sudden cross fire on open space, in search of the shelter it is necessary to use a large amount of bandage and first-aid kits. In an exoskeleton it is impossible to disperse to jump over a crevice or a failure in half of the building.

Characteristic from the description in a game: "Provides great protection against bullet and fragmental hit, but does not guarantee resistance to anomalies."

The suit allows to transfer 90 kg of useful things, including spare weapon and a stock of ammunition. Even at such attractive loading capacity, it is inexpedient to apply an exoskeleton in the real work of the stalker. If there is a strong wish to come out of the shadow, to gather more cartridges and to do some fighting with all the heart, an exoskeleton — the best that offers the game world of "Stalker". As Boris Strugatsky told: "Stalker" — one of the few thought-up ABS of words which became common. There is it from the English to stalk that means "creep", "slink". The main pleasure in a game, it to execute the most difficult quests, using optimum balanced armors-weapon-artifacts sets. Walk on a zone not an armored piece of iron with machine guns, and the imperceptible stalker with "Screw tapper", a bottle of "Cossacks" and a stock of sausage.

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