90 day diet of separate food

90 day diet of separate food

Today excess weight is a problem which meets in increasing frequency. Many think how correctly and effectively to get rid of the bothered kilograms. This diet allows not only to dump superfluous, but also to improve a condition of the organism in general.

Keeping to this diet it is possible to lose weight about 25 kilograms - the weight is higher, the it is more than dumped kilograms. As it becomes clear from the name of a diet, it lasts 90 days, its essence in what it is necessary to alternate days Proteinaceous, Starched, Carbohydrate, Vitamin. When vitamin day comes to an end, the circle begins anew, it is impossible to interchange the position days, otherwise the result will be much worse. What products can be used? Pogovovim about each of these days in more detail.        

Proteinaceous day

This day it is possible to eat all products which support squirrels, for example:  

  • Meat (chicken, rabbit, pork, beef, etc.).
  • Eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, milk.
  • Lyuby not starched vegetables, such as potatoes.
  • It is also possible to drink a glass of broth.

Starched day

  • Bean, such as haricot, peas, lentil.
  • Rice, pshyonka, pearl barley, etc.
  • Glass of vegetable broth, it is possible to make it of a cube.
  • Any vegetables, including potatoes.
  • Piece of whole-grain bread.

Carbohydrate day

  • This day any pastries (within limits) which isn't containing some milk and eggs are allowed.
  • Any grain buckwheat, millet, barley.
  • Any vegetables.
  • And surely a strip of bitter chocolate for dinner.

Vitamin day

In vitamin days it is possible to eat any fruit and vegetables (except potatoes, certainly):

  • Nuts, sunflower seeds.
  • Fruit and vegetable juices.

I want to notice that juice is considered separate meal. If it is berries, then at one time you can eat no more glass if nuts or sunflower seeds, then a handful.

Each 29 day - unloading, for their all diet turns out three. These days it is impossible to eat anything, only water is allowed. Throughout all ninety days, a breakfast always identical two fruit or a glass of berries. A lunch and a dinner also identical, for example, if you for lunch ate chicken, then for dinner there has to be a chicken only a portion twice smaller too. The first meal begins at 9 o'clock in the morning, the last at eight in the evening. In total in a day them not dolno to be more than three. In carbohydrate days the interval between receptions shouldn't be less than four hours, in the others - not less than three hours if at all not to a vmogot, then eat some fruit. 

Many who kept to a diet of 90 days of separate food, noted that after the termination, they continued to lose weight, about a kilogram three.

I want to tell separately about physical activities, they will also help to improve result and to make your skin more elastic and tightened.

Based on own experience, I want to tell that this diet is suitable also for those who nurse. At the child the regular chair and lack of allergic reaction of an organism (diathesis) was noted.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team