As do low-fat cottage cheese

As do low-fat cottage cheese

Low-fat cottage cheese is a dietary product with high nutritional and energy value which is perfectly acquired by a human body and well influences work of digestive tract. The technology of preparation of low-fat cottage cheese is rather simple therefore it is easy to make it in house conditions.

All about low-fat cottage cheese

The huge amount of useful substances – magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus is a part of low-fat cottage cheese, I am well-cared, lecithin, folic acid and B2 vitamin. It is ideal for food at any age as with its help cartilaginous and bone tissues are formed, work of heart and kidneys and also a metabolism improves. Also low-fat cottage cheese stimulates processes of blood formation and is obligatory to the use at an anemia and atherosclerosis.

For preparation of the low-fat calcinated cottage cheese the calcium chloride brine is added to boiled or cold pasteurized milk.

Low-fat dietary cottage cheese is cooked on the basis of skim milk therefore the product which caloric content and a share of fat are no more than 1090 Kcal and 9% respectively turns out. It is possible to buy skim milk in any city shop, however before barm-making it needs to be pasteurized by boiling or heating to 80 wasps for fifteen minutes – thus in milk all causative microorganisms will be destroyed.

Preparation of cottage cheese

Boiled milk needs to be cooled on a cold water bath up to 30 wasps and to ferment it, having added biological ferment or a small amount of low-fat sour cream. For preparation of completely skim cheese it is recommended to ferment it without addition something, waiting until milk turns sour independently. Then the pan with ferment is placed in the warm place and wait for emergence of the dense milk coagulum which is formed on the surface of raw materials. The clot has to be доквашен up to the end, but not переквашен – otherwise the low-quality and fast-spoiling cottage cheese having sour taste will turn out. After formation of a dokvashenny clot it is necessary to take a gauze or a sieve, to decant the remains of whey and to cool the received low-fat cottage cheese. If desired it is possible to add such seasonings as sugar, salt, vanilla or cinnamon to it. As home-made low-fat cottage cheese skvashivatsya by means of special microbes, in it microorganisms even after achievement of readiness by it continue to develop. Such product will turn sour in a day or two days then it can't be eaten therefore during this time cottage cheese needs to be stored in the fridge and without regret to utilize in forty two hours.

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