As in several minutes to clean a herring from bones

As in several minutes to clean a herring from bones

How to clean herring from bones – the question interesting a large number of hostesses who at least once prepared a herring under a fur coat or any fragrant snack with a gentle fish fillet. It appears to receive clean fillet of a herring, it is necessary to possess culinary secrets.

It is required to you

  • - herring;
  • - sharp knife;
  • - ware for a ready-made product.


1. At first it is necessary to wash carefully acquired product a baking plate a cold water jet. Then from fish it is necessary to draw completely all entrails. For this manipulation the belly of a herring needs to be cut from a tail to the head then fingers it is accurate to hook veins and to pull together them. The baking plate a water jet is better to make all manipulations. Thus, the clothes won't be soiled, and parts of fish on kitchen won't be sprayed and also the room will avoid an unpleasant odor which is inherent in these ingredients.

2. After an entrails is taken including a thin belly nap, it is possible to pass to the procedure of removal of bones safely. Cut off the head of fish, then carry out by a sharp knife along the ridge – beginning from the basis to a tail. Having made this action, it is necessary to hook skin and as it is possible to pull together more accurately it. If the acquired product fresh, then a thin skin is removed quickly and absolutely without efforts.

3. After removal of a thin skin take both hands a herring for a tail (at the same time for 2 plumelets). Then with circular motions turn a product on yourself (in order that fish made a somersault back), and after that the sharp and strong movement pull fins in the opposite directions. As a result in hands there have to be two elements: the ridge with stones (with a small amount of fillet) and skin with clean fillet. Fillet from bones should be separated hands on both sides therefore there will be a clean skeleton of fish and the same fillet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team