How to bake pancakes without milk

How to bake pancakes without milk

Pancakes without milk have a mild flavor, low caloric content and are suitable for the dietary menu. Flour will provide an organism with cellulose, and eggs - the vitamins, fats and proteins having positive impact on microflora of an organism and work of an alimentary system.

Pancakes on water

This recipe for pancakes without the content of milk and a dairy products will be useful to those people who have an intolerance of lactose. If to exclude egg from components of this dish, then such pancakes can be eaten in a post. For preparation it is required to you: - 400 g of flour;

- egg — 1 piece; - 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil;

- 2 tablespoons of sugar; - salt (to taste); - 600 ml of water. In a deep bowl fill flour, then break in it egg, add salt and sugar. Further it is necessary to pour in a bowl in water a small stream, constantly stirring slowly with future dough. After you pour in all water, very carefully mix dough that there were no lumps.

In the prepared dough pour in vegetable oil and once again well mix. Oil needs to be added in order that pancakes didn't burn. Warm a frying pan on small fire and pour in it in vegetable oil. By means of a serving spoon (or a usual spoon) pour out dough on a frying pan, fry to a ruddy crust, then overturn on other party and wait until it gains the same color. Pancakes without milk are ready, they can be given to a table with any additive, for example, sour cream, jam, jam or honey depending on your preferences.

Bilberry pancakes without milk

Bilberry jam or jam and pancakes are a tasty combination for a light lunch or a dinner. The following products will be necessary for you: - 400 g of flour; - eggs — 2 pieces; - 3 tsps of baking soda; - 6 tablespoons of sugar; - salt (to taste); - 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil; - 600-700 ml of water; - bilberry berries (fresh, frozen, jam or jam). In a deep bowl mix flour, sugar, water and it is a little salt and also add baking soda on a knife tip. Make bilberry berries: fresh touch; frozen defreeze in the natural way; take jam or jam. Put berries in a bowl and well mix. In parallel in other bowl mix water and eggs, then unite two mixes among themselves and mix to uniform consistence. Dough has to turn out dense. Let's the test stand about 10-15 minutes. Warm a frying pan, heat a little sunflower oil. Take a small amount of the test and evenly put in a frying pan, fry pancakes on small fire. From each party it is necessary to bake thoroughly pancakes about 2-3 minutes. Bubbles on a surface will be prompted to you that pancakes can be overturned. Repeat thus, all dough won't reach a limit yet. It is the best of all to serve to a table such pancakes hot with addition of bilberry jam, jam or jelly. Enjoy your meal!

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