How to make compote of apricots and plums

How to make compote of apricots and plums

Summer – a set of vitamins and other useful substances contain a season of fresh berries and fruit which not only give a palette of tastes and aromas but also. It is possible to keep them for long winter by means of various ways of conservation. In particular, from apricots and plums tasty compote will turn out.

It is required to you

  • 500 g of apricots;
    • 500 g of plums;
    • 1 l of water;
    • 200-400 g of sugar.


1. Select a little immature apricots for conservation: pulpy fruits at sterilization boil soft and wrinkled, and syrup grows turbid, and in general compote looks modestly. But too you shouldn't take absolutely unripe fruit with greenness as compote won't receive due taste and aroma. Pulp has to be dense, but not rough.

2. Choose for compote fleshy, large or the average size of plum with the small easily separating stone. It is desirable that fruits were the identical size and coloring and also one ripeness level.

3. Carefully wash out apricots in flowing water and divide into halves, deleting stones. That they didn't darken on air, you keep them in cold water up to packing in can. Wash up plums, cut everyone in half and remove stones.

4. Then prepare banks for conservation of compote: wash out with baking soda and rinse. It isn't obligatory sterilize them over steam or in the warmed oven in this case.

5. Lay halves of apricots and having merged cuts down in banks approximately on a coat hanger. Then split 5-8 stones of an apricot, take kernels and add them to banks with fruit. It is necessary for giving to compote of special aroma.

6. Prepare filling for compote: heat water in a pan, pour sugar and on small fire stir it before full dissolution. Bring syrup to the boil, remove from fire and filter through a gauze or a small sieve to clean it from small suspensions which sometimes meet in granulated sugar. Fill in apricots and plums in banks with syrup so that it completely covered them. Otherwise at sterilization the apricots will darken and will take an untidy form.

7. Cover banks with covers and sterilize during the next time: at the volume of ½ l – 10 minutes, 1 l – 12-15 minutes, 2-3 l – 30-35 minutes. Then hermetically cork banks and put a neck down. Whenever possible try to snap-chill compote that fruits weren't softened and didn't lose the elasticity, and remove on storage to the cool place.

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