How to make kvass on bread

How to make kvass on bread

Kvass – traditional primordially Russian drink. It has excellent taste, perfectly satisfies thirst. This drink is vitamin-rich B1 and E, improves a metabolism and well influences a cardiovascular system. Process of preparation of kvass is rather simple, but is long on time. At the last stage add raisin that kvass became slightly aerated to it.

It is required to you

  • 5 kg of a rye bread;
    • 5 liters of water;
    • 1 glass of sugar;
    • 7 гр yeast powder or 25 гр fresh;
    • 20 гр. raisin


1. Cut bread on pieces and dry in an oven. It is possible even to roast grain slices slightly.

2. Miss water for kvass via the filter, and then boil.

3. Fill in crackers with boiled water, and then let's infuse within 3-4 hours.

4. Filter the cooled-down mash through a gauze or a small sieve.

5. Cast a glass of a warm mash in separate capacity. Part in it yeast.

6. Add to the main capacity with a mash the divorced yeast and sugar. Well stir everything.

7. Cover kvass with a napkin and leave to wander at the room temperature at 10-12 hours.

8. Filter the begun to ferment kvass once again and pour on bottles, having added to everyone the washed-out raisin.

9. Bottles densely to a zakuporta also let's stand to kvass in heat 3 more hours, then place it on storage in the fridge. In 2 days, drink will be ready.

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