How to make pork shish kebab on kefir

How to make pork shish kebab on kefir

Juicy, gentle, soft - it the shish kebab on kefir will turn out. Kefiric marinade neutralizes excessive sharpness of spices, leaving at the same time only a light ostrinka and pleasant aroma of fried meat.

It is required to you

  • - 2 kg of pork,
  • - 1 l. kefir,
  • - 3-4 bulbs,
  • - salt to taste,
  • - spices to taste.


1. Well wash meat, by means of paper towels dry. Cut small square pieces which put in any enameled ware.

2. Clean bulbs and cut thin ringlets. If desired onions can be crushed in the blender or to cut just small. Put onions to meat. Season meat with onions spices. Spezia can use any; a thyme, a coriander, a black sprinkling pepper, rosemary or to add barbecue seasoning. Well mix and put in the fridge approximately for 20 minutes.

3. In 15-20 minutes get meat and fill in it with kefir liter. Inwrap ware with meat in food wrap or cover. Put a shish kebab in the fridge for four hours. If desired it is possible to pickle a shish kebab since evening that it properly was kept waiting and turned out really tasty.

4. Approximately in 30 minutes prior to frying of a shish kebab, get meat from the fridge and salt to taste, mix.

5. In advance prepare a brazier, dissolve coals.

6. Spread a shish kebab on a skewer and fry until ready. Give with fresh greens, sauce, vegetables and favourite drinks.

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