How to make wine of a melon

How to make wine of a melon

The melon in cookery is used very widely, and all thanks to its amazing taste. I suggest you to make wine of this fruit. Of course, that to prepare it, it is necessary to work much, but it is worth it.

It is required to you

  • - melon juice - 10 l;
  • - sugar - 4 kg;
  • - yeast - 200 g.


1. For preparation of wine it is the best of all to use ripe fruits. Having properly washed out a melon, cut off from it a peel and remove seeds. Cut the remained pulp on rather small pieces.

2. Squeeze out juice of the cut melon pulp. It can be done as follows: having laid out fruit pulp in a blender bowl, crush it. Miss the received weight through several layers of a clean gauze. Also juice can be squeezed out of a melon by means of the juice extractor. Choose a way, convenient for you.

3. The juice which is squeezed out of melon pulp, it there have to be not less than 10 liters, pour in the glass container which is in advance prepared and suitable by the size. Then there enter the yeast dissolved in a small amount of warm water and granulated sugar. Mix everything, properly.

4. Densely close ware with the received mix a special lock. If that isn't available, then use a rubber glove - it needs to be recorded strong on a neck of a glass bottle. Having left future melon wine at the room temperature, wait when there comes the end of fermentation - it will become light.

5. Properly filter ready drink then distribute it on the prepared glasswares. Don't forget to taste the received wine. If you consider that sugar isn't enough, then to its podsypta to the taste.

6. Having densely corked bottles, you store this drink in a cellar that is where it is cool. Wine from a melon is ready! By the way, the longer you will mature this wine, the its taste will become more pleasant and more interesting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team