How to prepare for the winter pickles in tomato sauce

How to prepare for the winter pickles in tomato sauce

Very interesting and tasty preparation for the future winter - pickles in tomato sauce. Preparation won't involve special financial costs and time, perhaps, occupies not especially much.

To prepare for the winter tasty tinned cucumbers in tomato sauce, it is necessary:

1.     Cucumbers – 5 kg

2.     Garlic – 200 g

3.     Tomato paste – about 150 g, is about three tablespoons

4.     A sunflower purified oil – a glass or 250 ml

5.     Granulated sugar – 150 g

6.     Salt – 4 - 6 tablespoons, in process it will be possible to dosolit to your taste

7.     Vinegar of 6% - 150 ml

8.     Paprika burning – 1 teaspoon

9.     A black sprinkling pepper – 1 tablespoon

We wash cucumbers under flowing water thoroughly and for a couple of hours we presoak in cold water. Then we cut off tips. We cut cucumbers lengthways on four parts more. Small – we cut on two parts lengthways. Small we cut the peeled garlic, and we press through via the garlic press better. We mix all components of sauce, except vinegar, we fill in cucumbers and we put on fire. Fire has to be moderate – sauce shouldn't begin to boil.

We weary cucumbers in sauce about half an hour. Surely we taste sauce – it shouldn't be strongly sweet or salty, rather sharp. In about fifteen minutes we add vinegar. In total time of languor of our cucumbers on fire has to be about forty five minutes.

We switch off fire and we cover a pan with cucumbers. It is necessary to allow them to stand minutes fifteen. Then we display our cucumbers in in advance prepared (surely sterilized) half liter glass jars. We fill in with sauce cucumbers in banks and we will sterilize about half an hour. We roll up covers and we overturn the rolled-up banks before full cooling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team