How to squeeze out juice from a lemon

How to squeeze out juice from a lemon

Lemon juice – universal ingredient. You can add it to gas station for salad, to drinks, cocktails and just to water, to cook from it lemonade, to pickle in it. It improves taste of chicken and fish, gives a gentle and fine aroma, perfectly is suitable for many desserts and, you shouldn't forget, is a vitamin C source.


1. Prepare lemons in advance if you need to receive from them as much as possible juice. Lemons of room temperature will give more juice, than those which are just taken from the fridge. A lemon to which you with a force give a ride previously several times on a table-top, pressing on it palms, will be not only is more juicy, but also because you damage a cover around pulp, juice will flow more freely. The lemon which you, before push-up, place for 15-20 seconds in the microwave oven will be the most juicy.

2. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze out from it juice, having just squeezed in a hand. It is the most elementary way which isn't demanding any extras. Some professional cooks substitute a baking plate the current juice the second hand and manage to catch lemon seeds. It is effective, but it is better to use a small strainer.

3. Cut a lemon on slices and place in special clips if you need to water a dish with lemon juice how to start food. If you have no such devices, nothing terrible – cut a lemon gussets and decorate with it a dish. It is possible to squeeze out a little lemon juice from it a klinyshka also fingers.

4. Use the simple juice extractor for a citrus. Cut a lemon in half and slow rotary motions get a half on the acting part. Juice will pass through a strainer and will gather inside, in a separate vessel. Repeat operation with the soulmate.

5. There are manual juice extractors for a citrus with a funnel and without. The juice extractor without funnel, as a rule, is made of a tree and is ridge "cone" on a stick. The twisting movements immerse such vyzhimala in a lemon, having a little inclined it over a vessel in which you collect juice. Manual juice extractors with a funnel are made of a tree. One end at them represents a wide tube with jags, on another – a funnel. The jagged end is inserted into a lemon and through a funnel juice is manually squeezed out.

6. Squeeze out juice by means of the electric juice extractor if it is necessary to you in big volume, for example, on the lemon Kurd. Electric juice extractors are usually supplied with step-by-step instructions, but if at you such it is lost, then just cut a lemon on slices, load it into the juice extractor and find on the device panel, about the regulator, the picture with the image of a lemon. Install the toggle-switch on a mark necessary to you and squeeze out juice.

7. If you need only several drops of juice, pierce lemon skin a wooden toothpick, squeeze out quantity necessary to you and insert a toothpick back into a puncture. So the lemon won't dry up and won't deteriorate. If you need juice only from a lemon half, the second can be stored in the fridge in a special lemon container or, having just covered a cut with food wrap.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team