Pork: advantage and harm for an organism

Pork: advantage and harm for an organism

Pork – tasty meat which is included in many dishes however nutritionists quite often advise to refrain from its use. Today we will talk about advantage and harm of this product for men and women, about from what age it is possible to enter it into the child's diet and also about some secrets of his preparation.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Meat of pigs includes the following components:

  • vitamins: PP, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, is well-cared;
  • macrocells: calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur;
  • minerals: iron, iodine, manganese, zinc, copper, chrome, fluorine, molybdenum, tin, nickel.

Nutrition value of 100 g of this product – from 160 kilocalories at fast meat to 375 at boiled.

Structure (average value on 100 g):

  • proteins: 27, 24 g;
  • fats: 17.04 g;
  • carbohydrates: 0.1 g.

Whether you know? The so-called patch having dense cartilaginous structure is necessary to pigs to loosen the earth in search of food.

Than meat of pigs is useful

Pork brings such benefit to a human body:

  • positively influences work of a cardiovascular system;
  • makes salutary impact on formation of skeletal system for the growing organism;
  • helps with fight against an anemia;
  • promotes restoration of level of hemoglobin;
  • helps with decrease in acidity of a stomach;
  • helps to work to a large intestine;
  • positively influences a metabolism;
  • it helps to be allocated to bile and juice of a pancreas;
  • feeds muscles.

Besides, positive influence of pork on men and women variously.

For women

Pork is often appointed to women during incubation of a fruit. The useful substances which are contained in it well influence future kid and passing of pregnancy. Thanks to this product the organism is perfectly restored.

Important! The standard daily rate of pork for the adult is 200 g of a ready-made product.

For men

This product is very useful to male health. It positively influences male power and promotes prevention of impotence. Meat of pigs is recommended to the men doing manual work or sport and also the person interested to build up muscle bulk.

Dietary low-fat pork is prescribed men after a heart attack. It helps fast restoration of forces and health.

Than pork is harmful to the person

Except useful influence on an organism, this product can make such negative impact:

  1. Cholesterol and lipids provoke obesity and different pathologies. The people who are regularly using this product are more often than the others suffer from the excess weight, arthritis and arthrosis.
  2. Meat of pigs may support parasites who, appearing in an organism, breed and lead to negative consequences up to a lethal outcome. Eggs of worms do not perish even at careful processing of a product.
  3. Among scientists there is an opinion that constant consumption of pork leads to oncology, however there is no official confirmation of this fact.
  4. This product very much loads a liver that has an adverse effect on health of patients with cirrhosis and hepatitis.
  5. The big danger occurs at consumption of fat during strong frying. High temperature provokes compounds, harmful to an organism. However it does not mean that pork shish kebab needs to be excluded from a diet completely. It is recommended to wet and prepare previously it, and on a grill already to bring to final readiness.

From what age it is possible to give to the child

Whether many mothers ask a question their child can eat meat of a pig, it is considered that she very fat and heavy for kids. However doctors recommend to give low-fat pork to children, since 8–10 months.

But this meat needs to be entered after accustoming of the kid to less allergenic product, such as rabbit flesh, beef and meat of a turkey-cock.

It is recommended to feed the baby with the preserved children's food, it is qualitative and well crushed. If the woman is sure that fresh pork of appropriate quality, then it is necessary to boil it within half an hour and to make of it meat mash.

Learn, than different types of meat are useful: mutton, goose meat, duck's flesh, horse-flesh, chicken meat, moose meat, venison, bear's flesh, nutria meat, quail meat.

Whether it is possible to eat pork

Quite often there are doubts about admissibility of the consumption of pork in certain cases.

At pregnancy and breastfeeding

At pregnancy you should not refuse consumption of pork, it is rich useful micro with both macrocells and other substances which positively influence incubation of a fruit. However it is recommended to withdraw a fried and smoked product from a diet of future mother. Low-fat grades of pork will well influence an organism of future mother: breast, gammon, shovel, lumbar and back part.

The feeding mother is recommended to eat boiled pork, only since 2–3 months after the birth of the kid. It is necessary that the kid at GV (breastfeeding) had no violation of work of intestines, namely swelling, gripes, diarrhea or a lock.

At weight loss

People who fight against extra kilos and keep to a diet, often completely exclude this product from a diet, it very much kaloriyen. But at the correct approach to preparation of this meat the weight of the person interested to lose weight can decrease.

Important! Low-fat pork nevertheless contains some percent of fat, however pork fat is acquired much better than, for example, beef.

For this purpose it is necessary to use boiled pork tenderloin in dietary dishes, having completely excluded fat parts.

At pancreatitis

Sharp pancreatitis or exacerbation of this chronic disease categorically exclude consumption of pork. It is connected with the fact that a large amount of fats activates sekretorny activity of a pancreas, besides it can aggravate inflammatory process. Even low-fat pork in small quantity can cause an acute pain, nausea and strengthening of weight of a disease in such state.

At pancreatitis pay attention to properties of a dandelion, a repeshka ordinary, baked apples, a liver of a turkey, an acorus of marsh, oat kissel, a burdock root.

At diabetes

It is necessary to limit to the ill diabetes consumption of pork – its norm in day should not exceed 75 g. It is baked, steamed or steamed, including fried pork, are forbidden diabetics as can do harm to their health.

Also it is not recommended to use pork together with pasta and potato as such products will be hard split in intestines.

Preparation secrets

From pork of the maximum advantage and giving of unforgettable taste to it can apply special secrets of preparation of various parts of a pig to receiving:

  1. From the head and cheeks it is good to cook sausage, jelly, stewed meat. It is the best of all to boil this part of a pig.
  2. Osheek is ideal for cooking of a shish kebab and a stake because of a fat streak. Do a tasty chop of this part of ink, it is suitable for cooking or frying in a frying pan or a grill.
  3. Rigid and dry shovel. It is necessary to cook or extinguish it a long time that fibers were softened. If this part of ink is used for forcemeat, it is necessary to add a little fat there.
  4. Hough differs in juiciness and fleshiness. It well is suitable for roasting and also suppression with fragrant herbs and garlic.
  5. Cutting is the most delicate meat having a thin layer of subcutaneous fat. It is used for preparation of an ideal shish kebab, roasting and roasting.
  6. Kostrets and back gammon are considered as premium meat, they are suitable for preparation of chops. The top part of gammon is used for ragout and goulash, and from its side part ideal boiled pork turns out.
  7. Brisket is stewed and prepared in a pot. Culinary specialists do not advise to bake brisket a whole piece, it is recommended to divide it into pieces of the average sizes.
  8. Shank and hoof are used for rich broth. Besides, these parts of ink contain a large amount of the gelatinating substances which are important for preparation of jelly.

Whether you know? Now became fashionable to support decorative pigs as pets, they do not concede in intelligence even to dogs.

Thus, pork is a source of useful components and is well combined with many vegetables and spices. However to receive the maximum advantage for an organism, it is not necessary to abuse fried pork and to exceed day norms of the consumption of this meat.

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