"Sea cabbage: what it is useful to what vitamins and minerals contain

"Sea cabbage: what it is useful to what vitamins and minerals contain

Set of recipes for weight loss contain recommendations about the use of a sea cabbage.

Similar councils, but for the purpose of maintenance of the general health and prevention of diseases, contain in ancient treatises on feng shui.

Especially it is advised to use to people of elements Earth.

However there is also a category of persons who are forbidden to eat this seafood. We will talk about useful properties and contraindications of a sea cabbage in this article.

Caloric content also I WATCH

The sea cabbage, or laminaria (Latin of Laminaria, in translation — a strip, a plate) is a water plant which is ranked as a sort of brown seaweed. It represents thin (on 0.5 m) brown plates with the smooth or rough, integral or cut surface. Length of a laminaria can be up to 20 m. It is long-term. Some types reach age of 11-18 years. The sort of laminariyevy seaweed contains about 30 types.

The sea cabbage on sites of the North and Far East Sea with a strong current grows. Usually dense thickets meet at a depth from 4 to 10 meters. Seldom, generally on stones, it is possible to meet the laminaria growing at a depth of 35 m.

For a long time this brown alga was used in food in those regions where it grew. Besides, it was widely applied as a forage to the cattle and fertilizer for farmlands. Today the laminaria is also used in cosmetology and medicine.

Much a sea cabbage not on temper because of slippery consistence and an unpleasant strong smell of iodine. However those who give preference to healthy food are ready to tolerate these nuances as this product is famous for the exclusive usefulness.

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To understand, than the sea cabbage is useful to men, women and children, for a start we suggest to get acquainted with its caloric content. It makes 43-49 kcal on 100 g of a crude product. In a dried product the number of calories increases up to 476 kcal. The marinated laminaria contains 61 kcal. Because of such low caloric content this product is included in structure of various diets.

Whether you know? To burn 50 kcal, it will be required to pass 12 minutes or to run a trot of 6 minutes, to float 4 minutes, to pass by bicycle of 8 minutes, to be engaged in aerobics of 10 minutes, to carry out housework of 16 minutes.

As for contents and a ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, in 100 g of a product the level of proteins is 9.6 g or 2% of the standard daily rate necessary for the person, fats — 0.6 g (1%), carbohydrates — 3 g (3%).

Vitamin and mineral structure

To describe what contains in a sea cabbage, not one page of the text is required, so many elements are its vitamin and mineral part. Let's try to call only the most valuable to the person. So, in a laminaria there are such minerals:

  • Na (sodium) — 233 mg (17.9% of standard daily rate of the person);
  • Sa (calcium) — 168 mg (16.8%);
  • Mg (magnesium) — 121 mg (30.3%);
  • K (potassium) — 89 mg (1.9%);
  • P (phosphorus) — 42 mg (6%);
  • Fe (iron) — 2.9 mg (28.5%);
  • Zn (zinc) — 1.2 mg (11.2%);
  • Se (selenium) — 0.7 mkg (1.3%);
  • Mn (manganese) — 0.2 mg (8.7%);
  • Cu (copper) — 0.1 mg (14.4%).

Whether you know? In a sea cabbage contains in 40 times more of sodium, than in white. It is also known that it contains in 16 times more of iron, in 11 times more of magnesium twice more phosphorus.

The laminaria is of special value because of the high content of the iodine promoting reduction in the normal state of cellular metabolism, normalization of activity of a thyroid gland and an endocrine system in general. Also among the making components of an alga is present fukoidan, influencing strengthening of the immune system.

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It is important to know also what vitamins contain in a sea cabbage. Its vitamin structure looks as follows:

  • And — 6 mkg (0.7% of standard daily rate of the person);
  • beta carotene — 70 mkg (1.4%);
  • B1 — 0.1 mg (4.2%);
  • B2 — 0.2 mg (11.5%);
  • B3 — 0.5 mg (2.9%);
  • B4 — 12.8 mg (2.6%);
  • B5 — 0.6 mg (12.8%);
  • B9 — 180 mkg (45%);
  • With — 3 mg (3.3%);
  • E — 0.9 mg (6%);
  • To — 66 mkg (55%).

Than the sea cabbage is useful to an organism

Knowing that in a laminaria, it is possible to predict what effect it has at hit in an organism. So, the content of vitamins A, C and E says that the product is capable to slow down aging processes.

Group B vitamins which are contained in cabbage, getting into a human body, put it in active action, normalize exchange processes, regulate activity of nervous system, improve a condition of bones, hair and nails.

Minerals as a part of a laminaria contribute to normalization of acid-base and water balance, normalize work of nervous, endocrine, digestive systems.

Those who treat a laminaria with respect and use it with the purpose to improve health and to feed an organism with necessary vitamins and minerals, the question in what look it contains most of all valuable substances often interests and whether the sea cabbage in canned food is useful.

It is considered that the greatest advantage for an organism is reached at the use of a fresh and dry product and also preserved in places of its collecting. Cabbage is used in the boiled, stewed, dried look. Sometimes hostesses replace with it salt. From it cook salads, omelets, the first and second courses. And fans to drink beer with pleasure use "useful chips" — a sea cabbage in the pressed look.

Whether you know? The Ancient Chinese emperor Zhu Zi issued the decree in which all citizens were recommended to use daily a sea cabbage, a year not less than two kilograms. That the decree was properly executed, the governor disposed about free shipping of a laminaria in the most remote corners of the country.


It is regularly very important to women to eat a sea cabbage, first, because it cleans an organism. And removing toxins and other hazardous substances, respectively, adjusts a metabolism, work of digestive system. Besides, removes excessive liquid. All above-mentioned processes promote reduction of weight. Therefore inclusion at least on 100-200 g of a fresh or pickled sea cabbage or two teaspoons of a dry product in a daily diet is recommended to young ladies who vigilantly watch a condition of the figure.

Vitamins — an important part of health of the woman who help it to remain always attractive. Vitamins of female beauty can be considered Retinolum (A) and tocopherol (E) which are positively influencing face skin (And, E) and hair (And, E).

Besides, as we already mentioned, the laminaria is actively applied in cosmetology. In particular, do of it wrappings, bathtubs. Elimination of cellulitis, obesity, rheumatism — here than the sea cabbage is still useful to women. There are data that this product is capable to assist in the solution of gynecologic problems. So, it can influence reduction of menstrual pains, inflammations.

Some sources are attributed to this gift of the sea preventive properties from development of cancer, in particular, and cancer of mammary glands.

Using ability of an alga to slow down aging processes, it is added to creams, masks, srubs, hair care products.

Important! The sea cabbage should be bought only from checked, with good reputation of producers as she is capable to absorb hazardous substances from water in which grows. It is important that it was not got in areas with an adverse ecological situation.


First of all the sea cabbage will be interesting to men as it intensifies blood circulation in genitals and thus influences strengthening of potency and improves sexual health. Statistical data claim that, for example, Asian male who use a laminaria more often and more, are overtaken by problems with a reproductive system and a prostate cancer much less often, than Europeans at whose tables this product is present at much smaller volumes. The laminaria is also ranked as products which strengthen sexual desire. And its action extends both to men, and to women.

Health of the man directly depends on receipt in its organism of vitamins and minerals. Especially important it if the man plans to become a father.

In general the laminaria is recommended to eat for the purpose of prevention of development of an endemic craw, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, a gipertireoz, cancer tumors. Its action is well shown at locks, enterokolita. It is very important in food of elderly people and children.

How often it is possible to eat a sea cabbage

The laminaria if there are no contraindications to that, can be used in daily small portions. It is desirable not to be beyond two teaspoons of a dry product or 250 g a week. If the person has any chronic disease, then before the decision to enter an alga into a daily diet it is necessary to see consultation the attending physician.

Whether it is possible to eat on a diet

The laminaria is a part of the monodiets used for the purpose of weight loss. Its structure is so rich that the person can live several days, eating exclusively this alga.

Study features of diets: bezglyutenovy, ketogene, Dyukana.

At observance of other diets it is necessary to understand that in this sea product there is an increased salt content. Therefore it will be necessary to adjust doses of the used salt.

If the person resorts to dietary food because of any disease, then the issue of a possibility of the use of a brown alga should be discussed with the attending physician.

Whether it is possible a sea cabbage for pregnant women and nursing mothers

The sea cabbage is recommended to use at a pregnancy planning stage — it is a good source of folic acid and iodine, necessary during this period.

We advise to read about the vitamins necessary for pregnant women and the feeding mothers.

And here pregnant women and the feeding mothers should eat it with care as the general opinion, it is possible or this product during such responsible periods is impossible, doctors have no. Iodine in large numbers gets through a placenta and can provoke development of anomalies in a fruit. Also it gets to breast milk, so, and to an organism of the baby.

Important! To the pregnant woman and the feeding mother, before using a sea cabbage, it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist. Perhaps, the doctor will resolve small doses.

From what age it is possible for children

Pediatricians advise to enter a sea cabbage into the child's diet after three years. Better in a dried look. Its introduction has to be gradual, in small doses.

The regular use by children of this product will allow to get rid of such frequent problems of children's age as a lock, anemia, deficiency of vitamins. Besides the laminaria well influences intellectual development.

It is necessary to distinguish hypovitaminosis (lack of vitamins) from avitaminosis (total absence of one or several vitamins). The second — very serious violation in work of a human body.

Read also about the vitamins necessary of improvement of memory and the best work of a brain.

At more advanced age the child can cook fresh seaweed dishes. However parents have to be vigilant and choose only a quality product.

Contraindications and harm

As well as any product, a sea cabbage in certain cases can do harm. So, you should not abuse it as at excessive eating it can cause undesirable reactions of an organism. With care pregnant women and the feeding mothers should eat dishes with an alga. The alga should not be eaten to the following categories of persons:

  • having problems with kidneys;
  • having gastrointestinal diseases;
  • with the diagnosis "hemorrhagic syndrome";
  • with tuberculosis;
  • with endocrine violations;
  • with individual sensitivity to iodine;
  • with skin diseases (furunkulez, small tortoiseshell);
  • to children before achievement of age of three years.

Thus, the advantage of a sea cabbage is known since ancient times. The fact of existence of a set of valuable substances was confirmed by contemporaries who investigated its contents, having revealed rich vitamin and mineral structure. Therefore the laminaria is recommended to use all — young and old.

However it is important to be convinced that you do not enter into group of people to whom the alga is contraindicated. If you are interested in a question what eat a sea cabbage with, then it is perfectly combined:

  • in other seafood salads — squids, crab meat, mussels, combs, octopuses;
  • with other species of cabbage: Beijing, white;
  • with vegetables: carrots, radish, cucumber, potatoes, pepper;
  • mushrooms, apples.

It is combined with egg, greens and mayonnaise. From it borsch, Russian cabbage soup, rassolnik, soup cook solyanka, a fish soup. Eat with it fish and meat.

It is the main component of the Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine. If the smell and taste of a sea cabbage is unpleasant to someone, to it there is a decision — it is possible to add it to dishes in a dry form, on a teaspoon, instead of salt.

Thus, this valuable product is simply necessary for a human body. Competently building the food allowance, you keep health.

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