Simple and tasty chicken rolls with prunes in an oven

Simple and tasty chicken rolls with prunes in an oven

Rolls from chicken, complemented with a prunes stuffing – fine option for those who love a combination of meat and sweet fruit or berries. Sour cream impacts to a dish refined relish, and walnuts perfectly supplement prunes.

It is required to you

  • – breast of chicken or fillet (560 g);
  • – prunes large (5-7 pieces);
  • – garlic (2-4 cloves);
  • – walnuts (4-7 pieces);
  • – salt;
  • – egg;
  • – fennel;
  • – sour cream (55 ml).


1. Take a pitted dried prune, wash a baking plate with flowing water, paying special attention to deepenings. Fill in with boiled water and leave to infuse. Start processing of meat. Cut fillet so that layers no more than 1.5 cm thick turned out. So rolls propenutsya quickly, but will remain juicy.

2. Pull out prunes from hot water, cut small pieces in the form of strips. Previously examine walnuts on existence of the remains of a shell. Then chop large kernels a knife.

3. Take one layer of fillet, beat off a special hammer. Powder from above small amount of salt. Begin to spread a stuffing. For this purpose in the middle of layer place prunes, and from sides walnuts.

4. The most responsible stage – turning of rolls. Accurately take the lower part of layer of chicken and the twisting movements curtail fillet. At the same time hold a stuffing with fingers. In opposite a case roll can collapse. As a result puncture with a wooden skewer roll in the center, having fixed properly.

5. Make the sauce consisting of sour cream, fennel, davlenny garlic and egg. Place rolls in a form, water from above with the turned-out sauce and place in an oven. Readiness of a dish can be determined by a pleasant odor which will extend on all kitchen. However don't forget to pierce any roll a knife. Transparent juice – the sign of that chicken пропеклась.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team