Tasty chicken breast in the Chinese style

Tasty chicken breast in the Chinese style

Chicken breast – a product universal. With it every day it is possible to prepare something brand new. Fans of Asian cuisine will like the simple recipe with sweet-sour lemon sauce.

How to make chicken breast in the Chinese style: ingredients on 1 person

- 1 chicken breast of the small size;

- 1 egg;

- corn starch for rolling of a breast;

- juice of 2 lemons;

- 2 spoons of sugar;

- 1 glass of cold water;

- 1 tablespoon of corn starch for sauce;

- salt and pepper to taste.

Chicken breast in sauce: preparation process

Break egg in a plate in which chicken breast entirely will be able to be located. Shake up, salt and pepper to taste, lay out chicken breast, several times to turn it that it completely became covered by a frothed eggs, to remove aside for 20 minutes, periodically overturning meat.

Squeeze out juice from two lemons, pour it in a small saucepan, add sugar and a half of a glass of cold water. Stir, bring to the boil.

At this time in the remained water (half of a glass) to dissolve corn starch.

Remove the begun to boil lemon sauce from fire, pour a thin stream in starch, constantly stirring slowly with sauce. Return a saucepan on fire, bring to the boil and leave for 2 minutes, after – to remove from fire. Sauce in the course of preparation needs to be disturbed constantly that it didn't burn.

Roll in chicken breast in enough corn starch. Warm a large amount of oil, lower fire to an average, fry chicken breast from two parties until ready, shift to a paper towel to remove surplus of oil.

Tasty chicken breast is ready, now it can be given. For this purpose on a breast it is necessary to make small cuts, to shift to a dish, to decorate with segments of a lemon and to water generously with sweet-sour lemon sauce.

Recipes from a breast will always allow to please guests with something tasty, original and not demanding a large number of time for preparation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team