Unload the organism

Unload the organism

Fasting day well will help to clean an organism, to remove slags and even to rejuvenate. It is good to apply such technique after holidays and long feasts. Frequent practice will help to keep weight under control.

Choose the product loved by you for fasting day and don't forget to drink enough liquid (not less than 1.5 liters of water).

Unloading on kefir. Very widespread dietary product. Thanks to the maintenance of sour milk bacteria positively affects work of intestines. In day it is possible to use up to 2 liters of kefir. Try to drink no more than 150 ml for once.

Unloading on apples. Well is suitable for fans with pleasure - sour fruit. It is possible to replace them baked. During the day it is possible to eat 1.5 kg of apples. The day portion will contain 675 kcal. It is possible to drink only water. Thanks to such unloading, bad cholesterol will be removed from an organism and intestines will get healthier.

Unloading on cucumbers. The cucumber is the leader among persons interested to lose weight. In one day you can reach a point "" - 3 kg"". Also cucumbers slow down process of transformation of carbohydrates to fats. In a day it is necessary to eat 1.5 kg of fresh cucumbers and 1 egg. So caloric content won't exceed 300 kcal.

Unloading on buckwheat. Transfer rather easily since buckwheat well sates and for a long time dulls feeling of hunger. All of us know on how many it is useful, but to keep all vitamins to the maximum it it is necessary to trouble. Fill in 250 g of buckwheat with boiled water and let's infuse not less than 40 minutes, having inwrapped a pan a towel. Divide porridge into 5 portions and try to eat everything till 6 in the evening. It is possible to drink water with a lemon.

Unloading on dried apricots and strawberry. Will please fans of sweet. Such unloading is useful to ""cores"". During the day it is necessary to eat 200 g of dried apricots and 300 g of strawberry. It is possible to have a green tea without sugar. Caloric content will be about 850 kcal and it is possible to lose in weight about 1 kg.

Before resorting to fasting days, it is necessary to consult with the expert. Each of above-mentioned products has contraindications in individual cases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team