Useful properties of cottage cheese. As it is correct to choose cottage cheese

Useful properties of cottage cheese. As it is correct to choose cottage cheese

Cottage cheese belongs to fermented milk products. It turns out by fermentation of milk and release of serum from it. It is the most ancient dairy product. Cottage cheese is used in various dishes: dumplings, cheesecakes, various casseroles, cheesecake, desserts with berries and fruit.

Useful properties tvoroga1. Cottage cheese contains a large amount of calcium, vitamins, amino acids and proteins. Cottage cheese in comparison with milk is better acquired by an organism.

2. Cottage cheese is a dietary product at the expense of digestible proteins and fats. In it completely there are no carbohydrates. At the use of only 300 g of cottage cheese in day of people covers the standard daily rate in proteins.

3. Cottage cheese is a fine product in prevention of rickets at children, atherosclerosis, bone fractures, a disease of kidneys and heart, lungs and digestive tract. As it is correct to choose tvorog1. Upon purchase of cottage cheese in shop attentively read structure on the label. Cottage cheese has to be made only from genuine milk, but not from vegetable fats. 2. Pay attention to expiration dates. Expired cottage cheese can cause a serious poisoning. It is stored about a week, the expiration date has to cause more than 10 days suspicions. 3. Good fresh cottage cheese has to be friable, white color and without sharp aroma. The spoiled or stale cottage cheese gets yellowish coloring and hardness.4. You store the bought cottage cheese in the fridge no more than 3 days. 5. If nevertheless you doubt freshness of cottage cheese, subject it to heat treatment, make casserole or cheesecakes.

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