Useful properties of mushrooms to a shiitaka

Useful properties of mushrooms to a shiitaka

Chinese and Japanese call to a shiitaka "the emperor's mushroom" and "a life elixir". Thanks to the nutritive and useful properties, this mushroom is used in Chinese cuisine and medicine throughout many centuries.

Chemical composition and medicinal properties of mushrooms to a shiitaka

As a part of a mushroom to a shiitaka scientists found unique polysaccharide лентинан which has ability to interfere with formation of cancer tumors, and the mushroom phytoncides capable to struggle with viruses of flu, AIDS and hepatitis. Polysaccharide лентинан is capable to slow down growth of malignancies, it eliminates consequences of radiations and courses of chemotherapy. The set of vitamins is a part of mushrooms, micro and macrocells, contain in a shiitaka 18 amino acids, essential for a human body. Useful properties of these mushrooms are comparable to a ginseng. The regular use to a shiitaka in food allows to reduce risk of developing of infectious and viral diseases and to clean an organism from toxins and salts of heavy metals.

You enter to a shiitaka into a diet gradually to exclude allergic reactions.

Shiitake will help to improve immunity, to strengthen nervous system and to get rid of a syndrome of chronic fatigue. This mushroom is capable to normalize a metabolism, to purify blood, to lower cholesterol level, to improve a condition of walls of blood vessels, to increase male potency. Mushrooms to a shiitaka normalize blood pressure, reduce sugar level in blood, protect from gangrene. They can help with treatment of skin zabolevaniiya, bronchitis, stomach diseases, diseases of eyes. Mushrooms normalize a carbohydraee metabolism of substances, improve digestion and promote active combustion of fat. Caloric content to a shiitaka is 34 kcal / 100.

Mushrooms to a shiitaka in cookery and a kometologiya

Shiitake is accepted with food, adding him to various dishes. These are very tasty mushrooms, from them make broths, sauces, they can be cooked, steamed, frying of mushrooms also doesn't worsen their taste. The most tasty are those mushrooms on which hat the cracks create the pattern similar to a snowflake or a flower. To receive the maximum advantage, they need to be used crude. The standard daily rate for reception to a shiitaka is no more than 200 g of fresh mushrooms or no more than 20 g dried. Mushrooms use also for preparation of tinctures, broths.

Shiitake isn't recommended to pregnant women, the feeding mothers sick with bronchial asthma.

In China to a shiitaka widely apply in cosmetology, from them prepare mushroom extract which remarkably influences skin, doing it elastic and smooth. Masks, creams and lotions have the rejuvenating effect. Coenzyme Q10 stimulates cell regeneration, removing them them slags. Mushroom infusion perfectly helps with oily porous skin care, after its application the face looks fresh and young.

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