What can be prepared for beef dinner

What can be prepared for beef dinner

The modern person not always manages to have breakfast, the lunch carries quite often out in a hurry and only at supper he can relax and feel completely pleasure from food. Therefore one of the main requirements to a dinner is in that it was by all means tasty. On strong belief of nutritionists, it has to include proteinaceous food surely. That and another can provide meat, in particular, beef.

Potato cake with meat and mushrooms


- potatoes fresh – 6 pieces; - forcemeat from beef – 400 g; - onion – 1 piece;

- mushrooms – 200 g; - cheese of firm grades – 200 g; - salt and pepper to taste; - fresh greens for ornament. For filling: - sour cream – ½ glasses; - egg – 1 piece;

- garlic – 2 cloves; - salt and pepper to taste. Wash tubers of potatoes, clean, slice thin. Peel onions and cut with half rings. Mushrooms (it is desirable forest, with them the dish will turn out the most fragrant) carefully wash out a baking plate the crane and cut with straws. Salt ground beef and pepper, mix with mushrooms. Grate cheese.

Oil a form for roasting vegetable and lay out in it a half of all amount of potatoes. Salt and pepper. lay over onions half ring potatoes (at the request of it it is possible to fry previously). Further put forcemeat with mushrooms and strew from above with a half of all quantity of a grated cheese. Close everything potatoes, salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients necessary for filling in a cup (miss garlic through a press) and fill in form contents. Put a form in the oven warmed to 180-200os for 15-20 minutes. Get, strew with the remained quantity of a grated cheese and return to an oven for 3-5 minutes that cheese melted. Decorate with greens and give on a table.

Beef in puff pastry

Ingredients: - beef – 1 kg; - onion – 2 pieces; - a white cabbage – 1 kg; - salt and pepper to taste; - the bezdrozhzhevy puff pastry frozen – 1 packing. Boil meat in the added some salt water. Clean onions and cut more small. Small chop cabbage and fry in a frying pan together with onions (salt). If during frying the cabbage doesn't emit enough juice, add a little water and extinguish until ready. Sort boiled meat on fibers and mix with cabbage and onions. Salt and pepper to taste. Roll the defrozen puff pastry and cut on small small squares. On each of them put a stuffing and seal, having connected test corners in the form of a sack, and lay out on the baking tray oiled vegetable or laid by food paper. Put in the oven warmed up to 200 wasps, for 20 minutes (dough has to be reddened).

Beef with carrots

Ingredients: - beef cutting – 800 g; - carrots fresh – 800 g; - onion – 2 pieces; - tomatoes fresh – 2-3 pieces; - garlic – 2 cloves; - beef cook water – 1 l; - orange juice – 1/3 glasses; - vegetable oil – 3 tablespoons; - salt and pepper to taste. Cut beef sirloin with large pieces. Clean onions, chop more small. Wash carrots, clean and cut with circles 0.5 cm thick. Crush garlic a knife. Drench tomatoes with boiled water, husk them and cut into cubes. In a deep frying pan pour in vegetable oil and when it begins to boil, put the cut meat fry on strong fire to a ruddy crust. Add the chopped onions and fry it together with meat of 5-10 minutes. Lower fire. Pour in orange juice, let's boil 2-3 minutes. Attach carrots, tomatoes, garlic. Pour in broth (if there is no meat soup, use vegetable), salt, pepper, bring to the boil, cover and you extinguish on silent fire until ready (meat has to become soft). Give on a table with mashed potatoes.

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