What to give to a white semisweet wine

What to give to a white semisweet wine

The culture of drink and following to norms of etiquette came also to Russia today, the Russian traditional drinks were succeeded by exotic wines, and food became various. In Soviet period it was possible to hear about compatibility of food and wine, however as with what it is necessary drink hardly someone I could tell precisely.

One of favourite types of wines is white table. These are rather inexpensive wines with a quite good bouquet. The white semisweet wine is a table grape wine of a light-golden shade with a strength about 12 degrees. The most popular among the category are "Chardonnay", "Muscat", "Sauvignon Blanc", Tokaj, "Riesling", Gevyurtstraminer and others.

To a small fish and not only

The most known fact is the combination of white wine and fish dishes. It is the absolute truth, but besides, light meat dishes, cheese cutting and also various mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauce salads also approach it.

White carbonated wines give usually to caviar and cold appetizers. Chocolate is contraindicated, it is usually replaced with a praline, candies with nuts of the Raffaello type.

Today, having decided to have supper at restaurant, you will meet the huge range of the offered masterpieces of world kitchen. In such variety not long and to be lost, and to choose the drinks combined with all this food – already whole problem. But here the competent waiter who will help you to decide with the choice of any given dishes can come to the rescue and also will advise suitable wines. Most often white wines give to such delicacy as: - fish dishes; - light meat dishes; - bread including cheese, garlic, cottage cheese; - seafood (caviar, oysters, shrimps, crayfish); - strong cheeses; - fruit; - desserts. Wines like Sauvignon Blanc perfectly will approach baked bird dishes, however on condition of lack of hot sauces and podliv. Grüner Veltliner will add snack with abundance of greens. It also has sour-spiciness and aroma of herbs, and therefore is quite often used as ingredient in preparation of dishes. "Chardonnay" needs to be served to salmon, to caviar and low-fat types of meat. The secret of wine is that it reveals indirectly, and therefore "flavoring shock" is simply inadmissible at its use. Strangely enough, but the white semisweet wine can be given also with light fish or vegetable soups. Also often white wines offer as aperitif before food. Serve wines always cooled to 10-12os in high glasses with a long leg.

Bad form

In addition, there is a list of products which aren't combined with wines at all: - all types of spicery (they kill a light aroma of wine); - smoked products; - fermented dishes; - pickles; - dishes with the content of vinegar and lemon juice (suppress taste of wine); - chocolate; - nuts astringent (spoil gustatory senses);

It isn't accepted to drink wine and where smoke, cigarette smoke and a strong smell of perfume don't allow to experience the true aroma of wine.

It is considered that natural white wine is more useful red, it contains a set of minerals which strengthen vessels. However with addition of elements (sugar, ferment) wine loses the properties.

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