Why you shouldn't throw out an onions peel

Why you shouldn't throw out an onions peel

All know about advantage of onions whether but all know that the onions peel isn't less useful? Perhaps, many bring together her only before Easter to paint eggs. However there are at least 7 more reasons for which you shouldn't throw out an onions peel.

Onions peel it is possible to treat bronchitis

At bronchitis do compresses on the basis of broth of an onions peel. Broth is prepared so: the glass of an onions peel is filled in with boiled water, 15 minutes infuse, it is filtered and wrung out through a gauze. The compress on a breast becomes three times a day on half an hour. 

Broth of a peel it is possible to treat bronchitis not only outwardly, but also accepting it inside. He prepares a little differently: the liter of cold water fills in a peel of fifteen bulbs, is brought to the boil and on small fire is evaporated half. Mix is completely cooled and filtered. Broth is accepted five times a day on two tablespoons. 

Onions peel against skin diseases

The crushed peel will help with fight against dermatitis and warts, a fungus and small wounds. The peel mixes up with cream or vaseline in a proportion 2:3 and is applied to the affected skin twice a day. It is better to store ointment in the fridge.

The onions peel will help to get rid of hypostases and varicosity

To get rid of leg pain or a varicosity, it is necessary to rub peel extract in sore points. He prepares thus: 2 tablespoons of a peel and the same quantity of a camomile are filled in with two glasses of water. All this is boiled within 15 minutes. Mix infuses 5 hours, and then is evaporated half. 

One more way to take off fatigue and leg pain: to add 2 tablespoons of oil of grape seeds to a handful of small pounded peel, at its absence it is possible to use olive oil. Infuse oil 12 days, and then twice or three times a week to do by this oil massage on legs. 

Broth of a peel will help to cope with an allergy

Broth from a peel will help to bring slags out of an organism and to help at allergic reactions. The peel is filled in with boiled water and 15 minutes are heated on a water bath, then cooled and filtered. It is necessary to use 2 - 3 tablespoons several times a day.

Infusion from an onions peel treats hair

It is an old way to accelerate growth of hair and to add them beauty and gloss. for infusion the nonmetallic ware is necessary. The peel is filled in with water of room temperature in a proportion 1 to 2 and infuses within 12 hours. Within a month, and is possible more, it is necessary to rinse with this infusion hair after each washing. At the same time it isn't necessary to be afraid that hair will exhale an unpleasant odor - infusion just has no it.

Peel - good food color

Coloring of Easter eggs - not the only use of this not only harmless, but also useful dye. Some hostesses the filtered broth tint broth. The dish will also gain beautiful color if to throw the crude bulb into it.

Onions peel - fine fertilizer

Infused day the onions peel will serve not only good fertilizer for houseplants, but will help to get rid of their wreckers. It is necessary to spray with infusion leaves, and day later it is possible to wash them with water. 

Gardeners spray with peel infusion the cucumbers beginning to turn yellow, and love tomatoes and carrots having watered with this infusion. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team