Medicinal properties of a chestnut"

Medicinal properties of a chestnut"

horse chestnut is one of the most studied by scientists. Began to use it in treatment from the middle of the 16th century in Europe. At that time only for horses.

In Southern Europe a little later, according to history in the 18-19th century doctors from malaria and also from intestinal frustration and different fevers began to apply chestnuts. After that, chestnuts actively applied against various ulcers which broken by blood circulation.

Thereof, the official medicine became interested in medicinal properties of a chestnut. As it became known chestnuts not only the varicosity, but also hemorrhoids treat.

And since 1866 in the European drugstores began to sell chestnut tinctures. They effectively treated gout and inflammation of intestines. Medicinal properties of chestnuts became very popular. Because of it, from the middle of the last century from chestnuts venotonik began to do. For today there is already a lot of different drugs made of chestnuts.

Scientists drew conclusions that spirit extract of a horse chestnut which is made on the basis of raw materials has the most great popularity. According to them this most effective medicine. However, on researches brown cover of a chestnut is the most valuable.

This medicine is considered one of the most magic. It not only raises a tone of pathologically expanded veins, but also expands the narrowed arteries, and also, dilutes blood, accelerates a blood-groove and strengthens capillaries. At the same time, very effectively affects capillaries, interferes with hypostases, lowers their fragility and permeability and works as anesthetic. Besides, this medicine well pours not only on the lower extremities, but also on all blood circulatory system.

Such spirit tinctures are available presently almost in all drugstores. Besides, if there is desire such miracle medicine quite possibly to make also in house conditions.


Fruits need to be collected only those which began to fall down. Then they need to be dried at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees. And at the same time, to try to avoid sunshine.

For tincture to take 50 g, a brown cover of seeds, to crush them, then to place in capacity from dark glass and to fill in all this with vodka – 0.5 l. It is obligatory to cork and set aside capacity to the dark place from 10 to 14 days. At the same time, daily to stir up mix. After the specified term mix to filter and use within from 4 to 6 weeks for half of hour to food three times a day 30 drops on the 2nd tablespoons of water.

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