Vitamin functions P (routines)

Vitamin functions P (routines)

The human body is arranged so that it synthesizes a part of substances necessary for it itself, and a part can arrive only with food. Those substances which the organism produces itself are called replaceable. Irreplaceable feedstuffs meet both in animal, and in vegetable food — amino acids, vitamins. There are those which can be received from nuts and fish. Vitamin P which is often called to routines belongs to group irreplaceable, and it is possible to receive it only from vegetable food. Routines it is obligatory at certain conditions of a human body and has one very important contraindication. Let's understand, what is it, what useful properties of this vitamin and we learn how many milligrams a routine have to come to a human body daily.

Where contains

To learn in what products contains routines, it is enough to come into fruit department of supermarket. The moment of a celebration of vegetarians — with animal products to receive this vitamin will not leave. Vitamin P is the generalized name of group of vegetable bioflavonoids, and routines — only one of them. It can be found in fruit and vegetables — for the first time this vitamin was found as a part of a lemon peel.

Routines still call C2 vitamin as its properties are similar to ascorbic acid. It can even fill the shortage of vitamin C in an organism. C2 is in all fruit and vegetables in which there is a Page. The following units are given at the rate on 100 g.

Important! Routines has practically no contraindications. The only thing — it women cannot apply during incubation. If there is no opportunity to manage ascorbic acid, the doctor can appoint treatment bioflavonoids, but only in the second trimester.

  1. Black-fruited mountain ash — the champion in maintenance a routine. It there whole 4000 mkg. So the daily need for this substance will be quite covered by 100 g of tart berry.
  2. Blackcurrant — the second in the list. Depending on ripeness, it contains from 900 to 1500 mkg of this substance.
  3. Black sweet cherry (the more darkly, the better) gives up to 800 mkg on each 100 g if was not exposed to heat treatment.
  4. The dark gooseberry and grenades nearby left from sweet cherry — on 650-700 mkg.
  5. The dry dogrose contains about 600-650 mkg. In infusions and teas this proportion decreases.
  6. Citrus, sorrel and garlic hold an average position. Contents — 500-550 mkg.
  7. Cowberry and dark grapes are equal — on 430 mkg on 100 g.
  8. Fennel, parsley and wild strawberry are rich to routines exactly in 150-170 mkg.
  9. Carrots, potatoes and apples — 15-30 mkg. For the sake of vitamin P you should not buy them.

There are pharmaceutical medicines which contain routines. It Routines, Askorutin, Trokserutin which are off-the-shelf. Content of vitamin B them fluctuates from 45 to 50 mg on a tablet.

Also routines contains in such products as: orange, gooseberry, grapefruit, raspberry, green salad, parsley, beet, garlic


Has the biggest advantage of routines for a blood system. Vitamin P is necessary to an organism in order that vessels were elastic and had low permeability — what can be expected from it, so it destruction of blood clots. This property is especially important for ladies of mature age - it is the guaranteed prevention of varicosity and thrombosis.

Whether you know? For the first time vitamin P was discovered in America. The American biochemist of the Hungarian origin Albert Sent-Dyerdyi experimented with properties of a lemon dried peel and suddenly for himself found new group of vegetable phenols. As it appeared, they reduced fragility and permeability of walls of blood vessels, and the pleased Albert united them in group which was called by Vitamin P.

As routines it is similar on the structure to ascorbic acid, it forms with it a resistant complex — saves acid from destruction and promotes its assimilation. The most powerful properties a routine as antioxidant stop cell aging of an organism. It connects free radicals, protecting cages from their influence.

It is possible to refer strengthening of immunity, improvement of a lymph flow (it great helps at puffiness), destruction of bad cholesterol to additional properties of this substance. Antibacterial properties of vitamin P are used for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases of airways. The same as other bioflavonoids (antioxidants if you do not know, what is it), it slows down production of the hormones provoking allergic reactions so application the routine will weaken the course of an allergy or will save from it better, than antihistamines.

Important! Properties a routine as antioxidant exceed similar properties of green tea. It connects free radicals who come to an organism with unhealthy food therefore it is recommended for application to residents of the large cities which are often eating in institutions of public catering.

Standard daily rate

Depending on age and requirements of an organism, the standard daily rate of this substance changes. The person is more senior, the more than this bioflavonoid it is necessary for him. For small children it fluctuates in the field of 20-25 mg a day. Teenagers need to consume not less than 30 mg a routine in day, and for women this norm rises up to 55-75 mg. Men have to receive from 60 to 85 mg of vitamin.

If this citrus bioflavonoid is used as medicine from an allergy or an infectious disease, all dosage increases exactly five times - it is a medical measure. At the same time the course of treatment has to last two weeks, and only that is considered routines which came to an organism in the form of tablets or the powder acquired in drugstore.

Vitamin P is used as medicine at diabetes, a limfostaza and as prophylactic at radiation therapy — it improves a state terms and its resilience to aggressive treatment. If venous insufficiency is found in the person, routines use in a shock dose 1000 mg a day for three weeks, take a monthly break and if necessary repeat a course of treatment.

Whether you know? Letter P in the name of vitamin is chosen not accidentally. It comes from the English word permeability that it is translated as permeability. It is one of the youngest bioflavonoids — opened it in 1936 and up to the 50th years of the last century synthesized it from a lemon dried peel. Now for mass production of vitamin use needles of a daursky larch.

Deficiency or surplus

Many routines in a human body do not happen. Everything that you received much with food or medicines, the organism will remove itself with urine — the same as ascorbic acid. As for the shortage of bioflavonoids, here symptoms unpleasant. Serious problems with a cardiovascular system, especially, begin if the person has genetic predisposition.

Varicosity and thrombosis — small problems in comparison with a stroke and a myocardial infarction which are provoked by shortage a routine. Arterial blood pressure rises, there are a weakness and dizzinesses as the tone of vascular walls worsens.

The tendency to allergic reactions increases, any irritants like flower pollen or stings of insects cause extensive irritations, provoke dacryagogue and hypostases. The immune system weakens, the person easily is exposed to influence of viral and bacterial infections.

Indications to application

As routines, and doctors recommend to apply other bioflavonoids which are a part of vitamin P to prevention of hypovitaminosis and cardiovascular diseases. To the people who had a stroke or a heart attack the therapeutic course bioflavonoids which duration depends on weight of a state is appointed. The hypertension and hypotonia, an endocarditis, hemorrhagic diathesis have indications to use of medicines, the containing routines. A couperosis (vascular asterisks) and varicosity weaken if to use ointment on a basis a routine and to include it in the daily diet.

Rutin is applied to treatment and prevention of a SARS, a tonsillitis, flu, bronchitis and sharp tonsillitis. All diseases at which the infection affects the upper airways scarlet fever, typhus or laryngitis give evidences to use of this medicine, whether it be. If it is necessary to normalize blood pressure or to improve a tone of blood vessels due to strengthening of walls of vessels and their cleaning of blood clots, this bioflavonoid — the best and safest decision. It stimulates the immune system, saves from an allergy and radiation sickness. Vitamin really invaluable sounds as a panacea, but.

Important! Rutin collapses at heat treatment. For this reason it is important to eat many crude vegetables and berries — for example, the sterilized blackcurrant or mountain ash jam as a source of vitamin P will not approach.

The only contraindication — the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. Pregnant women have to consult with the doctor who observes them before beginning treatment course.

It is difficult to call vitamin which would save the person from bigger quantity of problems. It it is difficult to feel deficiency because we consume every day citrus, dark berries, greens, a buckwheat, we drink ascorbic acid which has similar with routine action, and we eat dried fruits. Routines it is irreplaceable for allergic persons — instead of passing to hormonal ointments and daily to drink tablets with a bouquet of contraindications, it is enough to buy in drugstore available Routines or Askorutin and to complete treatment course.

Thanks to the minimum contraindications, these medicines can be used without medical instruction as preventive and remedy. Knowing products which contain many routine, using them daily, it is possible to strengthen the health and to get rid of an array of problems which prevention is given much easier, than treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team