12 cunnings when choosing the apartment

12 cunnings when choosing the apartment

The choice of the apartment – business important and difficult. To find suitable housing, sometimes it is necessary to bypass dozens of premises. In one there is something suitable – for example, excellent planning, but there is no repair. In other apartment good repair, but floors it is unambiguously necessary to change. And can be so that arranges to the apartment in all respects, but complaints are caused by the area where it is located. To choose the suitable apartment – to find balance between your requirements and what is.

1. Even before viewing the apartment evaluate future area of residence. How far from shops, stops, kindergartens or schools the house, whether convenient arrival is located whether there are enough parking lots, whether there is playground where your children could play. The important value has whether your child should cross the road at visit of school, and to you to reach work.

2. Before campaign to the apartment do not forget tape measure. Measure everything that it is necessary for you: spaces for future fridge, washing machine, beds and so on. It makes sense to measure even width of door openings: if your any non-demountable thing, for example, the fridge, does not creep to the apartment, it is necessary to buy new.

3. Pay attention to quality of windows. Even if windows plastic, it is necessary to examine attentively them – some are to defects, especially put them "tyap-mistake" only that was and more expensively to sell the apartment. If wooden windows are not occasion to refuse purchase. Some wooden frames it is many times better plastic.

4. Check availability of counters. According to modern requirements, their availability is not just necessary – it obligatory. If there are no counters, they should be put at own expense. And it is expenses. They can be subtracted from the total cost of the apartment.

5. In modern houses the feed system of hot water which is generally closed i.e. water circulates around. But in some, the system opened is more often old, houses. Then, if your apartment is located on upper floors, you should wait long enough until hot water reaches your crane.

6. If the apartment is located on the most upper floor, directly under roof, examine ceiling regarding availability of smudges. It is better to watch such apartments after rain. If on ceiling the fresh whitewashing, is occasion to think.

7. The first floor – too the shortcomings. For example, has begun to smell from the basement. In summertime the smell can become just intolerable. If there is opportunity, go down to the basement and examine it.

8. Look that outside the window. For example, if building – whether your child is able to sleep in the afternoon when pick hammers beat. And if garbage cans – think what smell from them will go to heat heat.

9. Check quality of repair. Happens that owners or realtors, preparing the apartment for sale, quickly paste wall-paper on foregrounds, "forgetting" glues them behind cabinets and beds. After shift you will find "white spots" or "black holes".

10. Estimate quality of floors. If floors creak or fail, to you, most likely, it is necessary to change them, and this pleasure expensive and troublesome.

11. Estimate quality of plumbing. If the crane or tank of toilet bowl leaks, it is not problem – such plumbing costs not much, and it can always be replaced. And here if the pipe flows or on ceiling mold – that such repair risks to cost "pretty penny".

12. Communicate to neighbors. The best spies - grandmothers on small benches. They will tell everything about merits and demerits of the house and its inhabitants. Having found out all cherished secrets, you will have idea of, whether you should taking the apartment in this house or to prefer another.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team