Bellied vermiculite in construction

Bellied vermiculite in construction

Bellied vermiculite belongs to high-cellular, loose, easy materials. It is applied to warming and fire protection of buildings. The high fluidity of charge allows to fill remote emptiness of various form. Heat-insulating characteristics of vermiculite are comparable with insulating properties of concrete walls 2 meters thick.

Vermiculite is applied to protection of surfaces against overheating or overcooling, used as isolation of the arches of furnaces, for sound absorption in film studios and cinema halls. Material in the form of charge or mix for preparation of water mortar is sold. Plaster with filler in the form of vermiculite belongs to group of "warm" solutions.

Vermikulitovy plaster is applied on walls with the tool, normal for stucco work. It is used for fire protection of designs and as decorative plaster, at the same time in the second case the inclusion in solution of hydrofobiziruyushchy and other additives is required.

The fireproof efficiency of vermikulitovy heater by 4 times exceeds sandy solutions in similar parameter. The thin coating layer in case of fire swells up and increases in volume, at the same time the coal surface gets honeycomb with low heat conductivity.

Material is often used for fire protection of concrete, metal and wood structures.

Useful properties of vermiculite:

  • chemical inertness;
  • the reflecting ability;
  • fire resistance;
  • biological firmness;
  • heat-insulating properties;
  • sound-proof properties;
  • ecological security.

The high fire-prevention efficiency characterizes the plates made of vermiculite and inorganic binding. Elements by hot pressing are made in the industrial way.

As a part of products there is no asbestos, organic components and fibers. Easy plates do not burn, are chemically neutral, biostable and are not toxic. Vermikulitovy plates are well cut by the woodworking tool, is installed by normal fastening elements.

Their ability to absorb moisture is considered lack of vermikulitovy plates. The mechanical strength of the become wet elements in insignificant measure decreases therefore it is recommended to paint products or to decorate plastic panels. After drying of plate the strength indicators of product are restored.

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