Construction of the brick house

Construction of the brick house

The brick house – classical option on most of which of the builders wishing to have the beautiful cozy country dwelling in which in the winter heat well remains stops and it is cool in hot summer day. Of what main stages does construction of the brick house consist?

The choice of brick for house walls

To start construction jobs that type of brick of which on the project the house has to be built is selected.

The brick can be giperpresovanny, red and silicate. Giperpresovanny represents the pressed ground limestone. This material is very similar to natural stone.

Red brick highly eco-friendly material for walls of residential building. Has sufficient resistance to frosts, the increased humidity. Incredibly strong construction material for construction of main "box" of the building.

The lime sand brick represents the quartz sand mixed with water and lime. Strong, eco-friendly, frost-resistant construction material. The price, quality, range of application of each of types of brick are excellent from each other. Therefore the choice of type of construction material from which the house will be built is primary.

Base works

The first step in construction of the brick house – construction of the base. Today views of various bases – set. What of them will be built on the site under construction of the house – its architectural project and the engineering design approved by experts solves.

Views of the modern bases – tape, pile, plate, monolithic, column, stone, assembly.

Assemblers who will correctly carry out the task set for them have to participate in base works. From that how strong will be the base and the choice of its look is how initially correct, will depend as will long stay the built house whether in addition repair works will be required to it in the nearest future.

House wall construction

Wall construction of the brick house – also task for specialists builders. The laying of walls can be at the same time various: lozhkovy (the lower brick only half is closed), chain (the brick is closed symmetrically the following on quarter), cross (it is asymmetrically closed on quarter). Thickness of walls in building is provided by the architectural plan. It can be from 120 mm (thin) up to 640 mm (thick). The choice of thickness of walls depends on whether his facade is supposed to plaster or trim with accessory thermal insulation materials only the house. Is taken into account whether the house will be used by owners only during the summer period or all the year round. Along with the bearing (external) walls, internal persistent partitions are built. The required minor partitions will be built after installation of all "box" of the building.


Important stage in construction of the brick house. What means – lacing (cutting) of seams? In this case by builders solution which is between the laid bricks is given either the convex form, or concave.

Finishing work

Further builders start finishing work. External walls of the house are warmed, faced by decorative brick or plastered. The roof framework is built (also strictly on the project of the house), roofing materials for it are selected.

Before internal finishing work in the brick house engineering networks are carried out, communication pipes are laid.

Internal finishing work, warming are spent at home from within as completion phase in construction of the brick house. There is also number of front gear which get the following stages: carrying out drains, blind areas at subfoundation, installation of flue and others.

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