Hammock to the dacha: how to choose what to consider

Hammock to the dacha: how to choose what to consider

Hammock - one of the best accessories for country rest and decoration of your garden. But when choosing hammock for giving it is not difficult to get confused in the numerous offer: hammocks with levels and without, cotton, acrylic, nylon, with the stand or without it. How to make hammock successful purchase?

1. If you are going to use it in the house or on verandah, then safely select any model according to taste and convenience (about it below).

2. If you want to hang up hammock in garden under trees or still somewhere out of rooms, then it is necessary to pay attention to material of which the hammock is made. Not to worry about his ""health"", it is better to stop on weatherproof options of materials, such as nylon, acrylic yarn, parachute silk. These materials absorb moisture a little and quickly dry, to them the rain and dampness is not terrible. Popular cotton hammocks are suitable for use too in the open air, but they should be removed and moved away to the house at each rain, and also for the night since cotton absorbs moisture and ""ban"" can, having got unpleasant smell.

3. If you are going to take sometimes hammock in travel, then give preference to easy tourist models, with handbag in set.

Depending on what you have distance for hammock and from the number of the family members wishing to have a rest, choose hammock of the corresponding size: for one - two or more. If to find the necessary parameters it has not turned out, address the manufacturer who is ready to make hammock under the order.

It is better to buy wattled hammocks. Their main plus in comparison with hammocks with dense woven berth - opportunity to stretch under your dimensions and ergonomic support. Such hammock will allow each vacationer to accept comfortable position.

The second advantage concerns moisture again. Wattled hammocks in the form of ""network"" easily pass it between cells and quicker dry. Dense hammocks - on the contrary, they detain water and require bigger leaving and attention.

It is better to take hammock without levels. Despite the more impressive exterior, hammock with levels it is not so reliable, does not ""feel"" your body and can overturn you at any careless movement, especially in dream when you do not control situation.

As for the stand, it is only question of personal preferences and finance. In shops the wide choice of models is provided, but before purchase is better to understand in advance what hammock by the size is necessary to you then not to adapt to the stand size. To get rid of possible problem, take the stand which is adjusted under the necessary length of hammock.

In the presence of wide choice of cheap hammocks of the Chinese manufacturing, for the family and relatives it is better to choose better models after all. Having lain down in good hammock once, you will feel the real comfort and pleasure and fall in love with this accessory. And the cheap low-quality hammock, at best, will not bring positive emotions, having remained useless expenditure of money.

Good to you family holiday in hammock!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team