How to attach wall panels

How to attach wall panels

Finishing of walls by panels does not require special preparation of surfaces. It is possible to create decor of any surface by means of wall panels, whether it be wall, ceiling or door. Use wall panels most often for finishing of the bathroom and kitchen.

  • - Wall panels;
  • - hammer;
  • - nails;
  • - mastic;
  • - glue like "liquid nails";
  • - glue gun;
  • - hacksaw with frequent tooth;
  • - construction level or plumb.

1. If panels which you are going to sheathe the room have the changeable drawing, then they need to be placed on the walls. Now interchange the position of panels to give to walls the most interesting look. Cut off each of panels so that height was 0.6 cm less than a distance from floor to ceiling.

2. By means of plumb or level achieve exact vertical setting of the panel in corner from which you will begin to sheathe the room. At the PVC installation of panels, use special corners which facilitate their mounting. Before cutting off panels, check all measurements twice. For sawing up of panel boards use serrate mill, hacksaw or circular saw.

3. Not always corners in rooms equal and vertical. In such cases the edge of the panel should be adjusted to corner, trying to obtain its full compliance to all angular roughnesses. For this purpose remove the panel on several centimeters from corner and record. Using level, achieve vertical position of the panel. Install leg with needle of compasses in upper part of corner, and with graphite - on panels. Carry out by compasses from ceiling to floor along corner. Cut off bow saw on the drawn line.

4. Now paste or beat the panel to wall and continue to attach the others. If panels are executed from tree, do not attach them too densely to one another. Leave distance in 2-3 mm.

5. If you fix panels on nails, then baizes at the hammer it is necessary to envelop rag in order to avoid surface damage of panels. Use the nails intended especially for fastening of wall panels. Attaching panel boards, take nails for finishing of a finishing type (2.5 cm). If wall old, then the extended nails (3 – 5 cm) approach better, so you will reach roof batten.

6. Step for nailing down of nails – 20 – 30 cm on all length of vertical. Beat each panel, since one edge and moving to another. But, at all, do not hammer nails on the opposite ends of the panel at once, continuing then attachment towards the center. Use doboynik for "drowning" of nail head on several millimeters. Disguise places of driving in of nails the mastic suitable on color or use finishing nails.

7. If you attach panels on glue, then on all length apply it on identical intervals with strips 8 cm long. It is better to do it by means of the glue gun. At the edges you apply glue with zigzag. Previously strengthen the heavy panel nails step to 40 cm longwise of guides.

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