How to close the base from piles

How to close the base from piles

The pile base is popular thanks to the low cost and speed of construction. However there is always need for registration of interval between piles. Correctly made socle not only will give esthetics to your dwelling, but also will protect from cold, will give to the house additional sound insulation.

There are several ways of arrangement of the pile or pile and screw base. They differ on the nature of the applied material, time of construction, its cost. Also when choosing any given method it is worth paying attention to weather conditions of your area. How most often do close the base today?

Hinged socle

It is the most widespread method which popularity is connected with rather low cost of materials, speed of construction of design and possibility of work without assistance. All works can be separated into several stages.

- Creation of furring: on pile special guides from metal section or tree are welded or attached by means of self-tapping screws. Best of all the pro-thinned-out pipe of 40х40х2 mm approaches. If the tree is used, then it needs to be impregnated with anti-septic tank. - Hinge plate of panels: it can be sheet slate, front decorative plates or asbestos-cement sheets. Before mounting it is desirable to pour out sand the line of contact of the soil and material. The recommended dumping depth – 40-70 cm - Installation of doborny elements: corners, drips, adjunctions.

Tape melkozaglublenny socle

Its essence – creation between piles of "tape" from concrete bed and brickwork. The main advantage – durability, good thermal insulation, possibility of arrangement of the basement. It is possible to carry higher cost, need of presence of specialists in brickwork, duration of construction of socle to minuses. Works are carried out in several steps: - the trench between piles on depth of 25-30 cm is dug; - the ditch is filled in with solution of cement and sand in the ratio 1:3; - the waterproofing in the form of, for example, roofing material is laid; - on perimeter of the base the brick wall gives all the best; - finishing finishing is made by facing brick or any other material.

Other ways

In some cases full concreting is applied. In this case on perimeter of the house the timbering is built, at the same time on its bottom asbestos-cement plates keep within. At their absence it is possible to use the boards impregnated with anti-septic tank. It becomes to minimize pressure upon the lower part of socle part when buckling. Following work flow: - preparation of trench of 30 cm in depth; - creation of wood form; - laying of asbestos-cement plates or boards; - reinforcing by means of grid (15х20 cm) or reinforcing rods with a diameter of 8-12 mm. At arrangement of the pile base in areas with frigid climate it is necessary to carry out warming. For this purpose between ready, draft socle and decorative finishing it is necessary to lay heater layer in the form of, for example, expanded polystyrene or mineral wool.

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