How to consider how many it is necessary wall-paper

How to consider how many it is necessary wall-paper

Paperhanging of walls business though not too difficult, but rather troublesome and demanding accuracy in parts. And first of all it concerns quantity of wall-paper necessary for repair. Even at the small shortage of this material there can be very annoying problems. Therefore before going to shop to do shopping, it is desirable to sit down and to properly consider how many rolls of the chosen wall-paper are required to you.

It is required to you

  • construction tape measure, note paper, pencil, calculator


1. On average the necessary quantity of wall-paper is calculated by quite simple formula: to increase perimeter of the placement by height of walls, to subtract the area of window and door openings from the received size, to separate result into the area of roll (to increase length by width). In addition to add 10% for possible defects and subbondings. However in practice not everything is so simple.

2. First of all, a lot of things depend on coloring of wall-paper. If they monophonic, without the expressed drawing, then it is possible to cut necessary pieces as it is convenient, without adjustment to each other. But if on wall-paper there is rather large noticeable drawing, it is necessary to adjust joints to each other so that drawing fragments on different pieces coincided. Therefore, when cutting rolls there will be bigger amount of unused material.

3. When calculating total number of wall-paper it is better not to subtract the area of window openings nevertheless. When pasting the walls having windows and batteries under them it is necessary to glue over many narrow hard-to-reach spots which require many small wallpaper fragments. Therefore it is quieter to have sufficient reserve of material not to appear in situation when does not get literally several very noticeable centimeters.

4. It is necessary to count room space, without being based on the standard data on housing sizes, and previously having measured by tape measure perimeter and height of walls. At the same time it will allow to define up to what height you want to glue wall-paper (under the ceiling or with small space) and whether the finishing decorative border is required to you.

5. The sizes of rolls of wallpaper can differ considerably. In most cases rolls of normal paper wall covering have standard dimensions of 10.05 m in length and 50, 53 or 60 cm width. However it not the tough rule therefore in shop pay attention to the specified digits to specific wall-paper. If you doubt something, better once again address the seller for consultation.

6. The quantity of wallpaper rolls always should be bought with at least 10% stock. Surplus will go to cuttings, adjustment of the drawing and possible defects when pasting. And, if you are going to glue wall-paper independently, without inviting professional masters, but at the same time have no wide experience, take couple more of rolls in stock in case of defects in work better. Even if everything will pass safely and it will be not enough defects, on the future you will have small stock of wall-paper in case of unforeseen small repairs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team