How to decorate the site with flowers

How to decorate the site with flowers

"Flowers are the remains of paradise on the earth". Each plot owner dreams of the fine and original garden filled with bright paints and fragrant flower aroma. Think over the general concept of the site, choose places for planting of flowers, connect imagination. And even without significant financial investments you will have the most refined and original garden in the world.

1. Decide on species of flowers, think over their landing to territories of the site and accurately land them in soil. Whenever possible choose the flowers which are not demanding thorough leaving and additional operations, dwellings, unpretentious to environmental conditions, and easily transferring droughty periods. Do not forget that flower types have different coloring, decorative effect and the periods of blossoming.

2. Decoration of the site can be carried out by flowers by means of the blossoming bushes, climbers and flowers. Especially beautifully the site decorated with plants with the consecutive periods of blossoming looks. The first crocuses, snowdrops and other primroses will be pleasing to the eye. Further narcissuses and forget-me-nots blossom. Flowers in spring garden are especially attractive if they are painted in contrast tone. In the summer on the site roses, peonies, irises and so forth reign. For summer beds perennials usually are chosen. But also annual plants (for example, fragrant tobacco) are very attractive thanks to the exciting aroma. By fall, golden and purple paints in garden bring magnificent asters and dahlias. To the first snow chrysanthemums or marigold will please.

3. Equip traditional beds, borders, beds arabesques or rock arias on your site. On classical beds it is possible to plant flowers of different height, combining them with lawns and decorative landscape accessories – lamps, sculptures. Unusually patterns from greens and flowers look. In borders it is worth using simple and undersized types. The Alpine hill – dream of owners of country sites – can turn out also from classical alpine views, and from trivial pansies. By all means it is worth using not only flowers, but also grassy types and also bushes with violent green or motley foliage.

4. Show imagination! Create design objects on the site. For example, establish the unusual beds pots made with own hands from rod. On key, leveling fix points of landscape of the site place graceful racks with ampelous flowers. Romantically the paths laid through the arches twined pletisty roses or clematises look. Organize the decorative pond occupied by the blossoming water plants.

5. Decorate with flowers the kitchen garden. Directly among vegetables and greens plant couple of roses or lilies, bush of peonies. Small "patch" between beds can be filled with poppies or the Turkish carnation. Such kitchen garden will not be boring and common any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team