How to decorate wall in the apartment

How to decorate wall in the apartment

How to be when there is a strong wish to update considerably the housing, and there is no money for full repair or purchase of new furniture and is not expected? Designers advise quite simple, budgetary and very effective solution – in a new way to decorate walls in the apartment. Walls first of all attract look, their design creates certain mood and the atmosphere. Unfortunately, in most cases people are limited to normal rebonding of wall-paper, and in fact here such scope for imagination.


1. Even normal wall-paper can become original ornament if to approach their choice creatively. For example, instead of usual paper rolls with the boring standard drawing, it is possible to get wall-paper intended under painting. And after pasting of walls to draw on them everything that it is necessary for soul. Any colors, any drawings – everything depends only on opportunities of your imagination. And in case of failure this wall-paper can always be recoloured with ease therefore here it is not necessary to be afraid of mistakes in work.

2. It is possible and not to ozabochivatsya by purchase of wall-paper, and just to paint walls in the pleasant color. Wall painting is more difficult and expensive option of decor. Services of the professional artist-painter will be necessary for its high-quality performance. But in this case you will have really unique wall which. you will meet anywhere any more

3. Once fashionable photowall-paper becomes popular again. It is possible to choose the pleasant landscape in specialized shop, and it is possible just to print the pleasant drawing and to come with it to one of numerous firms where to you will make fine photowall-paper on your special design. Also it will cost not so much. If you have big collection of family photos, it is possible to make the whole panel of pictures of the different size. The photos which are carefully picked up and located in certain order will become not just original wall ornament, but visible the embodiment of your family history.

4. One more great way to decorate walls without excessive financial investments is decorative plaster. The Venetian decorative plaster began to enjoy special popularity in recent years. She is capable to give improbable lightness to all room and to create the special atmosphere thanks to the high vapor permeability.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team