How to establish electric heating

How to establish electric heating

Electric heating gains the increasing popularity. It is possible to execute it the hands, unlike gas heating which mounting and connection require the help of the expert.

Electric heating is easily mounted and operated. It is possible to reach considerable economy if to execute separate system in each room. Electrical systems it is possible to include and ensure safety easily. They consist of number of convectors. Their installation consists in mounting of electrical wiring for each heating device (radiator) and in fixing of brackets on which batteries will be installed.

Performance of electric heating of the house

At first it is necessary to implement the plan of rooms on which to specify their areas. Considering the power of electric radiators, it is necessary to calculate their quantity necessary for each room and to choose the place of their installation. Windows allow number of cold into rooms therefore (for counteraction to it) devices of heating should be installed under windowsills.

After completion of mounting of electrical wiring it is necessary to fix convectors which are delivered in set on brackets. Then it is necessary to connect devices to current network. Works on installation of electric heating can be continued several days (depending on number of rooms). A lot of time will leave on mounting of electrics. For other works professional skills are not required therefore everyone (even not the expert) will be able to execute them the hands. Important factor for economy of heatenergy resources is the right choice of type of heating. The electric boiler in addition to the existing system of hot-water heating will be relevant to some rooms, and heat-insulated floors will be suitable for others. The important part is assigned to heater type. Each of electric devices has the characteristics. Having correctly picked up it for the heating system of the house, it is possible to save the means spent for heating. For example, in the bathroom the right decision the infrared heater will use. He quickly creates the chosen thermal mode that gives the chance to include it only when it is necessary to be washed. And in kitchen it is possible to apply the combined heating from the infrared heater and electric radiators. It is favorable as the convector will work at small power and to automatically maintain necessary temperature. In case of need fast heating of the room it will be possible to use short time the infrared heater. It is possible to make heat-insulated (electric) floor in children's rooms and living rooms.

Automatic system of regulation

Automation of electric heating (automatic control of air temperature indoors) will give economy of heatenergy resources. For management of the system of electric heating use the equipment for thermal regulation. In them heat sensors give for heating devices signals for inclusion and switching off (depending on air temperature in the room at present). Electric heating of the house has positive sides to which it is possible to refer noiselessness, they do not influence air humidity, do not allocate collateral (harmful) products of use. Electric heating does not need seasonal (professional) service.

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