How to find the electrician

How to find the electrician

The good electrician is in many respects guarantee of safety in your house, especially if business concerns such works, such as, wiring installation. How to define, the master and whether it is possible to entrust him the house is how professional?

  • - printing reference book,
  • - Internet.

1. Find the master. It is possible to make it elementary - to interview acquaintances, to call the companies providing the corresponding services which contact information is in large number both on the Internet, and in printing reference books.

2. Agree about meeting with your master, pay attention to his punctuality. If the person is inclined to be late, has forgotten to call back and other - is danger that works will be conducted with the same degree of responsibility. So, in the specified terms nothing will be ready.

3. The professional understands that when carrying out some works it is possible to soil floor and furniture. Pay attention whether the master will ask you to close objects which can be soiled. If is not present, hardly at it is though shred of respect for your property that can affect quality and accuracy of the work executed by it.

4. Pay attention who has come to measurements and other corresponding works. In good firms the measurements and directly works will be carried out by the same person, otherwise you should state anew the wishes and it is better to do without ""chinese whispers"". Just ask the come master whether he will carry out the subsequent works. If is not present - it is always possible to refuse services.

5. The professional cannot until determine the work price while he does not learn wish of the customer and the required volumes. Pay attention to what your conversation begins with. It should not begin with money.

6. If business concerns lot of work - will ask you about electric devices, the plan of wiring, will calculate everything that is necessary. Be attentive if the master of it does not do, that is the bases to doubt his competence.

7. Remember that you have to be asked about location of sockets, the planned equipment, the guard.

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