How to get rid of fleas

How to get rid of fleas

There is opinion that fleas live on animals and only they are bitten. However such opinion is wrong. Unfortunately, having got to your house through the favourite pet, these parasites can live and breed in the apartment, bite you and cause many troubles. It is possible to bring similar insects, for this purpose it is necessary to process correctly animals and the house.

It is required to you

  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - means from fleas for animals;
  • - aerosol from insects for the house.


1. First of all save the canine friends from fleas. For this purpose there are several ways. Shampoo from fleas which you can buy in any pet-shop. Place animal in the bathroom, wet wool and apply shampoo. Pay special attention to places where most of all wool, fleas exactly there like to hide. Carefully wash away shampoo from animal as its remains can cause poisoning.

2. One of the most widespread means from fleas is collar, but it has no absolute efficiency. Wearing collar can become dangerous to animal as substance which it is processed causes severe allergies. Use this means for that time until you process the apartment that fleas the living houses have not lodged back on already washed up animal.

3. The most effective ways are drawing special drops and spray. These means are good the fact that they kill not only insects, but also their larvae. Also effect of these medicines extends to small distance around animal. For drawing drops move apart wool on withers of animal and drip several drops on skin. Solution gets into blood and, exhausting it, insect perishes. The dose depends on the animal size therefore before their purchase consult with the seller. If you have chosen spray, then carefully process it animal and the place where it eats and sleeps. These medicines have one shortcoming - it is strong smell. If it gives you inconvenience, then wash up animal in several hours after drawing means.

4. After processing of animal do house cleaning. Carefully wash up all rooms and vacuum. Pay special attention to slots, plinths, windowsills and furniture. Remove sofas and chairs, lift oriental carpet. To vacuum in hard-to-reach spots, remove wide nozzle from vacuum cleaner tube.

5. Wash capes from furniture, curtains and odezha which could be infected by insects. If in the house there are soft toys, they need also to be washed.

6. Buy in shop aerosol from insects and carefully spray it on all room. Leave the house for 2-3 hours not to inhale harmful airborne particles. Do not wash the floors within 2-4 days. Residues of aerosol which have settled on floor will not allow to survive to that insects who have appeared from larvae after processing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team