How to get rid of mosquitoes

How to get rid of mosquitoes

Of course – they everywhere! In the afternoon – on the street, in the evening and at night – houses and on the street. As they have bothered and as places of stings of these mean insects awfully scratch. Let's understand that should be done to feel near mosquitoes absolutely protected.

1. For the house, first of all, buy the fumigant injector. That its action was most effective, close windows and activate wonderful means. This innovation of modern technologies is issued in several variations – plates, spirals, liquid. Not important, what form was taken by you, use what is. Active operation of the fumigant injector begins in hour as soon as in air the sufficient concentration of synthetic poisons to which mosquitoes are susceptible collects. Under the influence of this means of mosquitoes will paralyze, and you will not hear importunate hum any more.

2. Besides, there is mass of folk remedies which help to be protected from mosquitoes. If you are supporter of natural products, buy basil, eucalyptus or carnation. Decompose about the room. Believe, mosquitoes will become much less.

3. And what to do to you in the fresh air where there are no fumigant injectors and effect of essential oils is imperceptible? Everything is simple. Go to shop and buy repellent. This means is applied directly to skin. Choose the consistence suitable for you – spray, cream or oil. Process opening sites of skin. Do not forget to update covering in several hours. Attentively read repellent application instructions. You do not put it on face.

4. Perhaps, the most harmless way to get rid of mosquitoes without any chemistry is to get tent with mosquito grid. This simple device will help to spend time on the street without stings and hum of insects, besides, if necessary will protect from the sun and wind. Modern tents have high roof and allow even to make naked flame inside.

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