How to grow up champignon mushrooms

How to grow up champignon mushrooms

Champignons are considered as one of the most popular mushrooms because they easily give in to cultural cultivation, tasty and not poisonous. They can be eaten even in the raw. Everyone can break without problems on the personal plot "shampinyonny bed" and reap from it mushrooms the harvest behind harvest.

It is required to you

  • - mycelium
  • - soil substrate
  • - dark warm room


1. It is possible to grow up champignons both in the open ground, and on specially prepared compost ridges. The best nutrient medium for them mix of horse manure with cow and small additive of wheat or rye straw is considered. It is impossible to use rotten straw or the rerotting manure, the mycelium on them will not begin to develop.

2. Light is not necessary to champignons therefore they with success can be grown up also in the dark shed or cellar. Prepare bed with soil substrate, well spill it water and cover with film that process of warming up of the soil has begun. It can last from 2 to 3 weeks, about readiness of substrate it is possible to judge by disappearance of characteristic ammoniac smell.

3. In the paved way bring mycelium, it agrees the instruction which is attached to it. Ambient temperature at the same time has to fluctuate within 18-23 °C. On germination of mycelium 15-20 more days will leave then you will be able to notice white raid on ridge surface. Powder it with thin layer of the normal greenhouse earth and slightly humidify it. That the earth was not condensed, it needs to be sprinkled, but not to water. It will facilitate germination of mushrooms.

4. The first harvest from bed can be reaped in 40-50 days, fructification usually lasts 2-3 months and even longer. Reap the harvest as soon as mushrooms reach the size necessary to you, do not leave them to grow old on bed, it exhausts mycelium. Breaking mushrooms, carefully unscrew each of them not to damage mycelium, and immediately powder vacant place with the earth. At the correct leaving from one bed it is possible to remove one season prior to 50 kg of champignons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team