How to grow up grade sweet cherry "The black prince"

How to grow up grade sweet cherry "The black prince"

"The black prince" is considered one of the best grades for areas with temperate climate. Berries — very beautiful and tasty — have plum aroma, are painted in dark burgundy, almost black tone and look incredibly attractively. The grade still infrequently meets in the Russian gardens, but "The black prince" has many advantages therefore he should be put on the site.

"Black prince": grade parameters

Grade sweet cherry tree "The black prince" has the compact size. Adult copies reach 3.5 m in height. Sweet cherry Oblistvennost big. Sheet plates, wedge-shaped with the extended peaked tip, are painted in saturated-green tone. Direct escapes, bark has olive-brown shade.

The buds which are formed on escapes form inflorescences of 2–3 pieces. During blossoming, Black Prince sweet cherry becomes covered by snow-white flowers therefore at good pollination it is possible to count on excellent harvest annually.

Berries of "The black prince" are painted in dark burgundy, almost black shade. Pulp at them fragrant, juicy and sweet. The taste reminds plum a little. Dense thin skin, thanks to what at "The black prince" excellent transportability.

Suitable time for landing of sweet cherry

It is necessary to be prepared for the procedure of landing of Black Prince sweet cherry in advance: to choose qualitative and healthy sapling, to find the suitable place and to pave the way in advance. Not only growth of culture, but also amount of huge and sweet berries of beautiful color will depend on high-quality preparation.

It is recommended to land sweet cherry only in the spring when the threat of returnable frosts passes. The event needs to be held before kidneys on sapling bulk up. Sweet cherry is recommended to be bought in the fall, to prikopat it in garden, and to postpone landing until approach of warm spring days.

Preparation of the soil

For receiving excellent harvest of Black Prince sweet cherry it is necessary to fertilize the soil before landing and also it is good to fill landing hole with nutritious structure. In two weeks prior to expected date of landing of sweet cherry in garden it is necessary to dig over the earth and to bring on 1 sq.m of the site:

  • 10 kg of humus or compost;
  • 100 g of potash salt;
  • 180–200 g of superphosphate;
  • 500 g of wood ashes.

Process of planting of sapling of sweet cherry step by step

  • Dig out pole for landing of sweet cherry, at the same time its width and depth has to be about 60 cm.
  • The rerotting manure (2 buckets) is mixed with fertile layer of the earth, add 100 g of sulfate of potassium and 400 g of superphosphate to substrate and fill nutritious mix in hole.
  • From above put layer of the normal soil to avoid contact of roots and fertilizer.
  • For 12 hours ret saplings in water.
  • Do the talker of clay, mullein and water. Dip roots into weight.
  • At the bottom of landing pole do small hillock and drive in peg to which privyazvat sapling subsequently.
  • Straighten roots and establish sapling on hillock.
  • Powder with the earth so that the root neck was over soil level.
  • Soil is stamped and tie stipitate to peg.
  • Around sapling do the roller, forming hole, and pour out in it 2 buckets of water.
  • The soil is mulched peat, sawdust or the dry earth.

How to arrange sweet cherry in garden

Important factor when landing saplings of sweet cherry is their size in adult state. Though "The black prince", in comparison with other grades of sweet cherry, not it and the large tree (its height is about 3.5 m), but nevertheless this quite large plant, and is necessary for it for the full-fledged growth and fructification space. The distance between trees among is recommended to leave not less than 3 m, and to make row-spacings 3-4 m wide. It is the most convenient to land sweet cherry in several rows in chessboard order and to have several grades which will pollinate each other on the site.

Grades suitable for pollination of "The black prince"

Unfortunately gardeners, grade ""The black prince"" is self-infertile that is in order that fruits were tied, it is necessary to plant sweet cherry of other grade with the similar term of blossoming nearby, at the same time it is desirable to have 2–3 types of culture on the site. As neighbors who will pollinate ""The black prince"" such grades as will approach:

  • Valery Chkalov;
  • Homestead yellow;
  • The Melitopol black;
  • Iput;
  • Yaroslavna;
  • Aprelka;
  • Ovstuzhenka and others.

Watering and fertilizing

Sweet cherry does not transfer overwetting, but also scarcity of water for plant is pernicious therefore the tree follows is abundant to water only during the droughty periods and too hot days. At this time pour out 2 buckets of water once a week, at the same time pour water on perimeter of pristvolny circle, but not at the roots tree.

The first three years of life young sweet cherry has enough those fertilizers which have been introduced to the soil when landing. And here adult copies of fertilizing need regular. Without them fruits of ""The black prince"" become shallow, become less juicy and sweet.

Gardeners advise to carry out 3 fertilizing during the season. The first is done in April, bringing under redigging of pristvolny circle urea (200 g under one tree). After fructification at the end of July or the beginning avgustavnosit fertilizers for the second time. During this period on perimeter of krone scatter superphosphate (300 g) and sulfate potassium (100 g). Then close up nutrients to the soil. Do the last fertilizing in the fall. Under each tree pour out 2 buckets of humus, mix it with the earth and it is abundant water.

Cutting and forming of crown

""The black prince"" — srednerosly tree therefore to constrain its growth by cutting as other grades of sweet cherry, there is no need. But here at adult tree the krone becomes strongly thickened because of what the productivity falls therefore the gardener needs to watch quantity of branches and to cut all weak and thickening krone. It is recommended to carry out this procedure in the fall. To increase productivity of sweet cherry, cut off all branches growing vertically, and escapes which depart at an acute angle from shtamb.

In the spring before blooming of kidneys do one more cutting, so-called sanitary. Sweet cherry badly transfers frosts therefore in the winter escapes can freeze slightly. Such branches cut off to healthy fabric and also delete everything broken and dry. Pay attention that at scrap of escapes with a diameter more than 1 cm it is necessary to cover cuts with the garden thief surely.

Preparation of culture for wintering

Procedures for preparation of sweet cherry for wintering are very important. Though ""The black prince"" is also quite frost-resistant and he is recommended to put in regions with temperate climate, nevertheless it is impossible to scorn opinion about preparatory activities. That sweet cherry has not frozen in the winter and has successfully endured frosts, it is necessary to take several measures.

For this purpose it is necessary:

  • In the fall after the termination of leaf fall to carry out vlagozaryadkovy watering.
  • After that to whitewash shtamba, and in addition to envelop young trees fir twigs.
  • When snow drops out, to trample down it around tree.
  • On the trampled-down snow to fill peat or sawdust.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team