How to grow up hibiscus

How to grow up hibiscus

Hibiscus - extraordinary beautiful plant. Seeds, fruits and leaves apply as medicines. From seeds of hibiscus receive black hair-dye. Pieces of dried fruits of hibiscus go on sale as tea "Hibiscus Tea", "Malvovy" tea and Sudanese Rose tea. At us the houseplant hibiscus (Chinese rose or the Chinese rose tree) is most known.


1. Blossoming of hibiscus generally happens since spring up to the fall. Light is necessary for cultivation of plant of this type bright, scattered. In the period of autumn and winter season the lighting is allowed by sunshine. During the spring and summer period the lighting without direct sunshine is desirable.

2. Temperature condition is necessary for hibiscus moderate. During the spring and summer period optimum air temperature - 18-22 degrees. During the autumn and winter period - 14-16 degrees. If temperature less than 10 degrees, hibiscus can dump leaves and even to die.

3. During blossoming water hibiscus it is very abundant, in process of drying of top layer of the earth. During the autumn and winter period watering moderate, later two - three days after drying of top layer of the earth. At the maintenance of plant during the winter period, at temperature below 14 degrees, the soil is contained moderately damp. When watering it is impossible to allow overwettings or, on the contrary, dryings of the soil.

4. Air humidity does not play essential role, however it is desirable to spray plants, especially during blossoming. The procedure is also prevention against web tick.

5. Fertilizing. You carry out regular fertilizing to the spring and summer period by nitrogen-containing mineral fertilizers once a month, they stimulate long blossoming. You bring only phosphorus-potassium substrate, in half dose in the winter, once a month, or, at almost dry contents in cool conditions, do not fertilize in general.

6. The dormant period of hibiscus comes approximately from November to February, at optimum temperature of 12-15 degrees. Take care of good lighting and moderate, but regular watering. The plant can winter in the cut-off state.

7. Change of young escapes needs to be carried out annually, in the spring. Adult plants replace time in two-three years. Make multiple copies hibiscus shanks, it is also possible to make multiple copies also seeds.

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