How to increase eyelashes bunches

How to increase eyelashes bunches

of false eyelashes bunches perfectly is suitable for girls and women if in their life any important event on which it is necessary to look irresistibly is planned, to shine in all beauty. The technology is very simple and absolutely safe for health. Eyelash extension is attachment by special glue to the basis of own eyelashes of several bunches artificial. They effectively frame eyes and do them by more expressive.


  1. In advance get false eyelashes in any shop of perfume or in beauty shop. Buy such bunches of eyelashes which suit you. Choose that length which was would like to be had - short, average and long. At once buy special gel on which you will fix false eyelashes.
  2. If you have bought bunches of one length, then after building give them the necessary form by means of ordinary scissors.
  3. As you use special gel on the basis of natural pitches, it will allow you not to worry about emergence of allergic reactions. Such gels reliably fix eyelashes and remain absolutely not noticeable on your centuries.
  4. At such eyelash extension paste bunches by centuries closely with your eyelashes. Before the beginning wash, carefully remove all traces of cosmetics and degrease eyelids special means.
  5. Paste bunches in the strict sequence. Begin with the shortest (from nose corner), then use average and long cilia. It is the best of all to use tweezers for eyebrows, then you with ease take bunch, slightly will concern it gel and with little effort will record it on the century. You do not hurry as this business does not demand haste that cilia looked very beautifully, exactly and naturally.
  6. The eyelashes increased in such a way are not afraid of temperature drops, waters and hits of direct sunshine at all. But it is not necessary to apply further on eyelids fat cream as they are capable to destroy composition of gel on which your bunches are pasted.
  7. You can independently remove eyelashes in house conditions by means of usual olive oil or use the help in salon.
  8. In order that eyelashes have served to you as long as possible, it is not necessary to visit saunas and it is recommended to sleep only on spin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team