How to make compartment doors for cabinet

How to make compartment doors for cabinet

Basic purpose of sliding wardrobe - economy of space in the apartment. If in the house there is place for the fitted cupboard, then it is possible to make it independently. To the ready fitted cupboard it is possible to design compartment doors. Functional furniture which will successfully fit into any interior will turn out and will not encumber space. It is possible to collect the acquired sliding wardrobe by the hands from ready parts.

  • Doors (2 pieces) from laminated by chipboard or plates of chipboard, tape measure, screws - self-tapping screws, the square, guides - for top and for bottom, wheels rollers, hacksaw

1. Before doing doors, collect everything internally the cabinet device. Completely mount partitions. Only this way it is possible to make and establish this part correctly.

2. Take construction tape measure and measure aperture width. It is necessary to do it in the top half of cabinet. Here the top managing director will be established. This part of doors has appearance of the Highway-shaped beam. From the received result of measurement take away 2 mm. Cut off the top guide, proceeding from the obtained data. Observe cut corner - 90 degrees. Before making cut, take the square and draw the line on perimeter. Do cut on it. It is better to work with hacksaw from rear side. It should be done in order that the tool, sliding off, did not scratch profile.

3. Make marking for self-tapping screws of 30-50 cm. During operating time from guide you watch that the profile has been turned by front part to working, but not down. For convenience the guide can be established on support. Its front part will be so most protected. On both sides of guide it is necessary to drill openings for self-tapping screws. They have to go in parallel. Holes should be done surely from two parties - for smoother course of the top wheels.

4. When the top guide is ready - establish it in cabinet and record. You watch that from each party there was gap 1 mm wide. Fix guide parallel to cabinet ceiling. It has to be located from niche and walls of cabinet equally spaced.

5. When the top guide is established, it is possible to pass to work from lower. Measure cabinet basis length. Length of the lower guide has to be 1 mm less. Cut off it at right angle. When cut off - insert it into cabinet, but do not fasten to the basis.

6. Take plates of chipboard. Take necessary measurements for future doors (length and width). Make two doors of plates of chipboard or use ready. Establish them into place where they should be in cabinet. It is better to do it together. At first insert door into back guide. For this purpose bring the right door to the top guide with wheels rollers, and then lift the lower rollers manually up. In such situation place it in cabinet and insert into the lower guide of wheel.

7. Adjust door on cabinet sidewalls. Use for this purpose adjustment screws which are located in the lower wheels.

8. Establish the left door of sliding wardrobe at the left. By analogy with the right door insert wheels into guides. After installation check parallelism of parts to cabinet wall. If necessary - adjust guides.

9. When all manipulations with doors are finished and everything is checked - fasten self-tapping screws the lower guide in cabinet floor. Mounting has to be made qualitatively, otherwise there will be no smooth course of door.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team