How to make the hair dryer in house conditions

How to make the hair dryer in house conditions

The construction hair dryer – irreplaceable thing. With its help it is possible also the paint from surface to peel and to heat roofing material at arrangement of roof and to carry out dismantling of chip and to defreeze pipes. In a word, the range of use of the construction hair dryer is wide. For this reason many think of whether it is possible to make the hair dryer in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - fan of standard size of 80 mm;
  • - drill with drill;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - lubricant;
  • - glass fiber laminate;
  • - mounting screw with countersunk head;
  • - screw contacts;
  • - low-power power supply unit;
  • - simistorony power adjuster;
  • - safety plug FU1;
  • - nikhromovy wire;
  • - fine-grained nazhdachka;
  • - tube from diode syulb;
  • - tube from the pressed mica;
  • - asbestos cord;
  • - cylindrical nozzle;
  • - water glass cement;
  • - tubular casing;
  • - silicone.


1. Remove the impeller in the computer fan and in its body between fixing ears cut through opening. Properly wash out shaft and the bearing of the impeller, grease and establish into place.

2. Cut out two plates from thin glass fiber laminate with sizes of 80x80 mm and screw one of them behind on fan housing. On the remained plate make opening in the middle, and its diameter has to be 10-12 mm more than impeller boss diameter. Fasten this plate in front to fan housing. The cut opening will play fan air intake role.

3. Attach to fan housing block with two screw contacts to which heater conclusions will be attached. Fix screw contacts by mounting screw with countersunk head because the normal head will interfere with rotation of the impeller.

4. For power supply of the fan use ready low-power power supply unit. In case in it there is power conditioner, remove it: the construction hair dryer will not be prevented by excess tension. In vacant place install the simplest power adjuster of heating of air.

5. Install the safety plug FU1. Mount all parts of the regulator in the power supply unit housing.

6. Reel up winding with resistance of 200 Ohms (about five meters 0.2 mm of nikhromovy wire for this purpose are required). Its end smooth out fine-grained nazhdachka and densely twist 1-1.5 mm with step.

7. As framework for winding use ceramic tube from diode syulb. Truncate it on one third and properly smooth out its channel. Reel up wire on tube with small tightness.

8. Within two hours burn the ready heater on air (for this purpose connect it to the power adjuster which at first install on minimum). During such roasting the winding will heat up to red color.

9. As air duct use tube with the inside diameter equal to 13 mm which is made of the pressed mica. Outside wind tube with asbestos cord. From that party from where there is stream of hot air, fix by water glass cement cylindrical nozzle.

10. Place ready air duct and the heater in tubular casing. For fastening of casing to the fan, make in it openings and cuts. Close all slots silicone sealant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team