How to make the hill on the seasonal dacha

How to make the hill on the seasonal dacha

The Alpine hill is great way of decoration of any garden, the site sizes at the same time do not matter. It represents harmonious composition from small artificial stream and various flowers. That the hill looked suitably, it it is necessary to arrange correctly. Landscape designers advise to place it in solar places where it will be able to be poured by various shades, giving the sea of positive emotions.

For the Alpine hills are used, generally undersized plants with compactly root system. For example, pochvopokrovny perennials, hvoynik, edelweiss, euonymus, kizilnik, heather, bergenia, carnation, etc. are especially popular. Some spicy herbs such as hyssop, marjoram, bee balm, sage, thyme, basil are not bad combined with stones. Well the pine, thuja, fir-tree look on hills.

Right selection of various species of flowers is priority for the creator of the Alpine hill. Experts recommend to select for the Alpine hill flowers so that the rock garden blossomed continuously from spring to fall. For this purpose it is necessary to include in flower composition both early-flowering bulbous, and ingates, and autumn flowers.

It is the best of all to create the hill on natural heights of the seasonal dacha, at their absence it is possible to arrange the artificial hill. Having chosen hill location, it is necessary to make its sketch, having designated on it borders and forms of rock garden, arrangement of paths near it. The Alpine hill for the majority of plants can turn out too humid environment therefore the device of the drainage deleting surplus of moisture will be necessary condition. For this purpose the ditch rummages, not less than 50 cm in depth and is filled with crushed stone, gravel or beaten brick. Then filler is filled up with sand which becomes covered by small soil layer (10-15 cm). It is possible to create the hill by means of pebble, granite, the shungit, shell rock and many other types of natural stone. Stones have to be located harmoniously, for this purpose the largest of them keep within in the basis, and all small over them. Do not forget to leave in the course of laying of the top stones the place for landing of plants. Then the hand-packed stone of rock garden needs to be filled up with layer of fertile soil then it is possible to start landing of plants. Landing of plants becomes in two stages. First of all, trees, and only then long-term flowers and herbs are planted. And, in upper part of the hill it is better to place heliophilous plants, and in lower – shade-enduring. Further care for rock garden consists in periodic correction of stones, change of plants, fight against weeds and watering.

To make the Alpine hill highlight of the garden, it is necessary to take care of some important parts. First of all, it is necessary to think over approach to the hill, i.e. to arrange garden path. Not less the area surrounding rock garden is important. For example, beautifully laid out natural stones, fountain, streamlet or beautiful bench will give to the Alpine hill and the site special charm. That the hill was not beaten out from the general style of garden, across all its territory it is possible to place decorative cobble-stones or garden sculptures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team