How to remove spots on silk

How to remove spots on silk

Silk fabrics are very beautiful. The silk bed linen and portieres, clothes and accessories, covers and small pillows steadily are popular. And how to be if the favourite thing was soiled? It is necessary to remove spots from fine silk fabrics very accurately.

It is required to you

  • - the washing solution
  • - tampon
  • - soda
  • - ammonia solution
  • - water
  • - brush
  • - glycerin


1. To remove spots from coffee or tea, take white cotton rag and make of it tampon. Moisten it in glycerin and apply liquid to the place of pollution. Wait 30 minutes, and then wash away glycerin by means of warm water. Completely to remove glycerin, rub fabric the tampon moistened with delicate cleaning agent (it can be liquid laundry detergent for silk fabrics).

2. If on silk there is spot from alcohol, it is necessary to work very quickly. Fresh spots in this case can be removed more likely, than old. Moisten fabric with warm water, and then apply glycerin. Rub a little and rinse in warm water.

3. Spots from cosmetics most often well wash off manually. It is better to use delicate cleaning agent. At special firmness of spot before washing at first apply stain remover, and then process organic solvent.

4. The spirits and deodorants which have got on silk fabric can lead to emergence of the hardly removed spots. Besides, perfumery means are capable to change color of fabric and to cause stains. To remove spots from perfume, it is necessary to apply a little denatured alcohol on tampon from white fabric and to blot with it spot. Not to rub. If necessary to repeat.

5. For removal of spots from sweat from silk thing, it is recommended to rub accurately pollution by the ammonia solution mixed with water. If spot old, then fabric it is necessary to wet in soda solution, and then to wipe spot with weak solution of vinegar. To wait 20 minutes and to wash out thing in warm water.

6. Chocolate spots remove as follows: remove chocolate by means of wooden stick, and then clean off the remains, using soft brush. The brush needs to be dipped in warm water where the cleaning agent is dissolved. If spot very resistant, accurately rub it the rag, the wetted in ammonia solution, and rinse thing in warm water.

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