How to strengthen gate

How to strengthen gate

As a rule, gate are used in the territory of owner-occupied dwellings or country cottages. They are a part of the system of obstacles which passes on all perimeter of the site. The fence and gate are used to protect the house from encroachments of thieves and robbers. Also through them on the territory of the site machines come around. For this reason it is very important to support them in proper condition that they opened well and closed.


1. Special attention should be paid to regular lubricant of loops on which they are hung. Today the widest range of gate for every taste is presented at the domestic market: from large products for warehouse or hangars and to gate of the small size for garages. Basic elements of gate are columns on which directly wings of gate are hung up. Stability of all design directly depends on them. Strengthen columns only if gate have tilted or strongly are unsteady here and there. It occurs because at installation of columns under gate holes of insufficient depth have been dug out, and eventually all design began to be unsteady strongly.

2. That to stabilize it, take shovel, dig out near each column hole not less than one meter in depth nearby and insert new iron column there. Then shower the earth back and properly stamp. If you want the design to be even more reliable, concrete hole together with column. Fasten old and new columns with special metal crossing points. After carrying out such actions you will notice at once how gate will cease to be unsteady.

3. If garage gate began to be closed badly, and one of shutters has strongly tilted, start their strengthening. If garage brick, check integrity of wall near loop of gate. Then level gate and cover with specially prepared solution from sand and cement all slots and cracks. Thus you will manage to strengthen design of garage gate, and they will begin to be closed well.

4. Carefully you watch condition of garage gate as the negligence in this question can lead to their final breakage. Therefore it is necessary to dismantle old gate and to establish new. Before strengthening sliding gates, it is necessary to take care of that they were located strictly vertically to earth surface. It will lower load of separate parts of gate and will reduce need of their strengthening.

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