Than to process heads of cabbage from caterpillars

Than to process heads of cabbage from caterpillars

Caterpillars - the main wreckers of cabbage during warm season. To fight with them it is difficult, these beings very hardy and just to expel them from beds - the whole problem. Only thanks to integrated approach it is possible to save harvest from these uninvited guests.

Caterpillars - very gluttonous wreckers, and for short term they can spoil considerable part of harvest. Not only that heads of cabbage will be corroded, and to store them it will not be provided possible in the winter. The fact is that the left marks of activity of wreckers lead to rotting of vegetables. Therefore at the first signs of emergence of caterpillars on cabbage beds carry out processing of vegetables by any medicine from wreckers. If there is no time to potter with self-made structures, it is possible to apply ready chemical, for example, Enobakterin, Butizan, ""Triflyurex"" or Ljubo another.

Above-mentioned means perfectly fight against caterpillars, but have one shortcoming - cabbage cannot be eaten within three weeks after processing by their these structures. Therefore if at you in plans to use vegetables in food in the nearest future, look narrowly at folk remedies.

Than to process heads of cabbage from caterpillars folk remedies

Processing by vinegar — the most popular and effective method of fight against caterpillars. Considerably to reduce activity of wreckers, it is enough to part glass of 9% of vinegar in bucket of water and to carefully spill it heads of cabbage and soil on bed.

In fight against caterpillars cindery solution also not bad works. He prepares as follows: in 10 liters of water the one-liter jar of ashes and gram of the 30th liquid soap is dissolved. It is necessary to spray with the received structure twice a day cabbage for week. During this time wreckers disappear.

After caterpillars disappear, for prevention of their emergence it is desirable to navtykat twigs on perimeter of landings, and to put halves of egg shell on them (it is possible to use only skorlupk of white color). Butterflies, seeing light spots around landings, perhaps, take them for the relatives and fly by by, looking for  the beds which are empty from similar.

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