What window plants it is impossible to hold houses

What window plants it is impossible to hold houses

In the stone city jungle and pulls to arrange at home green oasis, to create winter garden or at least green corner on windowsill. But, it appears, not all houseplants, even very popular with hostesses, bring benefit. Therefore it is worth knowing what flowers you should not hold at home.

Erudite botanists claim what to arrange in the dwelling or at office green gardens is not safe for health at all. It turns out when in the small room there are a lot of green plants, they begin to harm more, than to influence well organism. The reason – release of harmful volatile compounds. Partially with it it is possible to cope if constantly to air the room. But this way helps not with all plants. Even the ficus – one of the most favourite house plants, can do much harm to human health, inclined to allergies. Its juice is poisonous. It irritates the skin and airways and can lead to asthma attack.

Family of kurtovy

Adenium corpulent – plant with odourless beautiful scarlet flowers. It is considered one and the most poisonous. Any its part which has got into mouth can cause severe poisoning. Therefore if you in the house have animals or the small child, it is better to get rid of it "the green neighbor".

The oleander – well-loved by many hostesses for beautiful flowers and leaves with pleasant smell, causes headaches at rough blossoming. Has poisonous seeds and juice thanks to what it is applied in medicine. It is possible to look after this plant only in gloves, without allowing to it children and animals. One more poisonous plant of this family - pakhipodium the lamer. It resembles superficially palm tree why has received the second name – the Madagascar palm tree. It can be dangerous to children and animals also.

Family of aroidny

All the favourite dieffenbachia has the juice poisonous for skin. At contact it is possible to receive easily as a gift dermatitis. Hit of juice in eyes is dangerous – causes conjunctivitis, at hit in mouth – hypostasis mucous. The dieffenbachia is dangerous to animals, especially to cats, and of course, to small children who like to try everything "on tooth". Monstera – the effective large plant with the cut-up fleshy leaves reminding the stalks lianas. This beauty at hit of its juice in oral cavity can cause burning in mucous membranes, abundant salivation, vomiting and poisoning.

Family of amarillisovy

Plants of this family poisonous can have leaves and bulbs. Gemantus – has more than 50 versions from most of which part are poisonous in different degree. The most toxic are the gemantusa blossoming in white colors. They can cause allergic reactions even without tactile contact with them. Amaryllis belladonna - the real poisonous beauty. Blossoms in six-lobe flowers with a diameter of 10 cm. Because of the esthetic appeal this plant is popular not only with housewives. Sometimes on ignorance it is grown up even in child care facilities. And you should not do it because of toxicity of juice of leaves.

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